Crafty wedding tips that will have you saying "I do"

Friday, April 17, 2009

As summer quickly approaches, love seems to be wafting through the air thicker and thicker these days. Oh My Crafts! is happy to present some of the hottest crafting ideas in homemade decorations and details that will indeed make a wedding the happiest day of a woman's life.

A few years ago, a homemade wedding might have denoted cheap balloon towers and cheesy lace doilies donning pastel wedding mints. The mere idea of it was a bride-on-a-budget's worst nightmare. However, in recent years, modern technology has merged with the crafting lifestyle and revolutionized how the world views crafting. Suddenly, with nifty little tools and devices that the crafting world has to offer, homemade isn't so lame anymore. It's just the opposite.

One of the reasons homemade wedding creations seem to be quite so popular as of late is because they offer uniqueness to weddings and receptions that isn't traditionally seen? Who wants a wedding that looks just like the Jones'? With a crafty wedding, innovative ideas and elegant styles are at a bride's bestowal, and it can even save a few Benjamins.

So here's a suggestion that can give flair to your event and relief to your bank account: put your crafty mind to use before heading out to the wedding planner and meeting your checkbook's demise.

Now, it's not like we're suggesting you go out and sew your own gown, bake your own 7-tier cake or construct the glittering gazebo that houses the cake. Unless you happen to be or know a professional, it is highly recommended that you stay away from the homemade realm for these details. However, homemade crafts can really help to glitz up the little details of wedding decor, whether it be favors for guests, table design, thank you cards, or anything in between.

For the next few weeks, we'll be presenting a few concepts that seem to have taken fire amongst wedding-ers.

The Guest Book
The "guest book" has evolved considerably in the last decade or so. Anything goes when keeping record of the visitors at your reception. Here are some fun ideas we've seen that are unique, chic, and basically homemade.

Set out a platterWith an etched or vinyl-applied print of the two love-birds' names, date, etc. in the middle, set out a nice big serving platter for everyone to leave their names and well wishes. This way, you'll be able to remember everyone who attended your wedding every time you have Thanksgiving. Be sure to use a pen that won't fade after washing.

Sign the ceramics—Similar to the platter, some couples opt to set out ceramic pottery—like a vase—with their names engraved or vinyl-printed with their names for friends to sing. It is recommended that you don't put real flowers in the vase until after the occasion. (Do it Yourself Weddings.)

Picture frame to capture it all—This idea is relatively simple to create. You'll need a large amount of matting for guests to sign. Should you choose this route, it is suggested to have a small 4x6 picture in the middle of a 16x20 or larger matted frame.  A variation from this is to use a mirror instead of matting. From there, you can be as crafty as you'd like with your frame. Decorate away.

An aproned well-wishing—Another quirky proposal for guests to sign while at the reception is two aprons—his and hers, if you will. Many crafters own their own clothing-printing machine, a Yudu, and they can print names, designs, etc. fairly easily onto the top portion of the apron. The rest of the "design" is up to the guests. (Do It Yourself Weddings.)

Okay...the initial, fundamental guest book—Despite all these new ideas, there is still nothing wrong with using what has always worked in the past—the original guest book. However, there's no need to buy a book at a posh, over-the-top wedding or publishing store. Make one! Scrapbook (both by hand or digital look great!) a few pages of you and your sweetheart and then bind it. Binding options can vary—from interwoven lace to YourStory. YourStory is a recent innovative tool in the crafting industry that is specifically for personalized books with a professional look (also a great tool for after-wedding memories). One thing to remember when creating your book is to leave space for people to leave their remarks. unless you don't mind having writing across your faces.

Basically, each option brings a fresh perspective to the guest sign-in table.  Want to see more creativity? Click here.

Stay tuned for more unique and chic crafty wedding ideas!


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