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Thursday, April 2, 2009

National Scrapbooking Day is a month away, and we here at Oh My Crafts! are already pretty excited for the big day. We've put on our thinking caps to muster up a collection of brilliant ways to celebrate the day! We suggest you put your thinking cap on too (if you don't have one...make one!) so you can be fully prepared for May 2. ...if only it were a national holiday, right?

Here's a list of sundry ideas to make your National Scrapbooking Day 2009 one to remember!

Early preparation is the key to a happy and successful Scrapbooking Day:
First of all, you might want to get in a few finger, neck, and back stretches a few weeks beforehand. You think we're joking?! If it's to be a day of full-fledged scrapbooking, you don't want those crafty fingers and stooped-over-a-table vertebrae goin' out on you, do you?
Okay, okay, perhaps stretches are a little overzealous, but you might want to think about booking a spot at a local scrapbook store's Crop event a few weeks in advance.
If the Crops are already booked, don't be discouraged! Plan your own with your friends! Create a few fliers for your closest crafting buddies (and be sure to save one for the scrapbook!). Depending on the size of the party, you might want to delegate a few responsibilities to some of the other gals.

We'd like to present a boredom-proof batch of ideas for throwing the best Scrapbook Party to ever hit the town:
First of all, make sure that cookies are incorporated sometime, somewhere during the party.
For extra kicks and giggles, wear matching outfits made by you and the crew!

It's pretty much written in the "party" handbook that games are a necessity. Here's some fun ones:
Have a scrap-a-thon. The last one scrapping wins!
Keeping in mind that this economy has really choked lately, see who can create the nicest page using the most inexpensive materials.
Create a page using only one hand
Create a page wearing a blind fold
Have some ice cream and a variety of toppings. See who can come up with the most ingenious decorative ice cream creation

If weather permits, have a picnic! Bring along the scrapbook kit and scrap outside.
Have a bonfire for all those dreadful scrapbook page designs gone amok. Bring your own hotdogs, of course. (Okay, this one might be a bit preposterous, but the point is to have fun, fun, fun!
Finally, crank up your favorite tunes and scrap your heart out!

Okay. This should get you started. Make sure you document your National Scrapbook Party well with plenty of pictures, so you can scrapbook it the next week! Also, be sure to follow our blog, for we'll be posting plenty of fun ideas in the next coming weeks. AND, we should probably mention that you can expect some pretty amazing deals from Oh My Crafts in honor of our favorite day.

Stay tuned!
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