Message from Provo Craft concerning "Life's a Beach" mix-up

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It has recently come to our attention that the artwork provided for the "Life is a Beach" Cricut cartridge doesn't match what is actually on the cartridge.  We apologize for the surprise or any confusion this may have caused.

Here is a small blurb from a spokesperson from Provo Craft, explaining the mix-up:
Provo Craft is always excited to see customers respond to our newest Cricut cartridges. We also understand that our Cricut users want to see the new cartridge images as soon as possible. We try to get our retailers these images as soon as we can, to get our Cricut users excited about the upcoming products. These sample images are generally created prior to the cartridges actual production.

During the development process, it is sometimes necessary for Provo Craft to make changes to the original pre-production artwork. Provo Craft does not guarantee any image will make the final cut on to a cartridge until the cartridge is actually completed and in production.

It has recently come to our attention that some Cricut users are upset that Provo Craft changed some of the artwork on "Life is a Beach." While Provo Craft strives to make sure that the most accurate information is available for users to make informed decisions about our products, Provo Craft reserves the right to make changes to artwork without any notification.

We try our best to keep the retail Web sites that publish images and information about Cricut cartridges up-to-date with the most current information as possible, but sometimes we are not always able to do so. Because of this, Cricut users should always refer to the Provo Craft Web site for the most recent and accurate information available.

We appreciate all your support of Provo Craft and its products.

—Provo Craft

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