What would Scrapbook Day be without our Slice?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

With National Scrapbooking Day knocking at the door (we're only four days away!)—we at Oh My Crafts are getting ready by celebrating Slice-style. Why Slice, you might ask? Because today we'd like to commemorate machinery that is just as active as we, the people are. Although most would agree that the Cricut is a spectacular die-cutting device, it still has its limitations because it's bigger, and requires a cord. So that's why with Slice—everyone can have the best of both worlds! Although it's small, it packs quite a punch. It's portable and cordless, which makes it ideal for on-the-go cropping sessions, as well as projects right within the walls of your home. This little guy works its magic anywhere—and did we mention it can cut on any size paper? It's like the Cricut's trusted side-kick!

SO—with that being said, we've decided to make your life Slice-easy by offering some stupendous savings on everything Slice! For instance, Slice paper—$7.99. Slice cutting mats—$9.99. Spatulas—$3.49. The list goes on and on. AND, if you buy a Slice machine or bundle, you'll receive a nifty little rebate card which, upon completion, will grant you a FREE exclusive VIP design card! You'll need your receipt and UPC code, so be sure to hang on tightly to that.

Oh, and naturally we found some super-cute project ideas on www.WhySlice.com, and we're here to share a few with you today. Want more? They've got plenty ideas and video tutorials on their site. What better way to spend National Scrapbook Day than watching tutorials on the tricks of the trade of your newly purchased Slice tool? Oh, and keep in mind that Mother's Day IS coming! You'll be able to make hands-down darling gifts with your Slice.

The perfect touch is added to this gift box with
Basic Shapes 2 and 3 design cards.

This chic and modern look was accomplished with the
Fall/Back to School design card.

A darling frame, created with Animal Crackers and
Basic Shapes 2 design cards.

Here's a fun idea for a wall hanging using

This cutesy scrapbook page is as easy as can be
with the Basic Shapes 2 design card!

Are you looking for something to store all your Slice materials? We've got a solution for that too! Check out these stylish machine carriers and design card binders—also on sale. Just for you.

P.S. Enter APRIL10 at checkout for an extra 10% off orders $50+!!

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