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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We certainly have some talented women that work in our in-house craft room. And we plan to periodically share their work with you! Today's opening session of "From the Craft Room" is for all your Hello Kitty lovers out there. And if you receive our daily e-mails, then you've already seen the adorable "Hey Lady" card that our very own Katie Rasmussen designed.

Here's the supplies she used, all from yours truly.

Cricut Machine
Embossing and Die Cutting Machine (Cuttlebug, Big Shot, Epic Six...any will do)
Sizzlet Die: Hello Kitty with Bees, Flowers, and Ladybugs
Sizzlet Die Ribbons
Cricut Cartridge: Hello Kitty Font
Paper Trimmer
Small Craft Blade
Slick Writers (bold and fine tips in black)

Bazzill Paper
Hot Pink
Tink Pink
Beetle Black
Candy Apple

Xmas Red
Fruit Punch

Step 1: Cut an A2 size card out of the Piglet paper using the paper trimmer, set aside

Step 2: Using the Sizzlet die: Hello Kitty with Bees, Flowers and Ladybugs, cut out the Hello Kitty profile out of the Snow and Beetle Black papers. Cut 5 big flowers out of the Tink Pink paper. Cut 4 small flower centers out of the Tink Pink and 7 small flower centers out of Snow. Cut the ladybug shell for Hello Kitty and the hearts on the antennas out of Candy Apple. Cut the circle shell piece for Hello Kitty out of Beetle Black. Cut out the flowers on Hello Kitty's head out of Bumblebee and Tink Pink.

Step 3: Assemble Hello Kitty. With your craft blade, cut out the whiskers and antennas on the Snow Hello Kitty figure. Remove eyes and nose from figure. On the back of the figure, glue a small piece of Bumblebee paper over the opening for the nose. On the Beetle Black figure, cut the entire head off of the figure. Glue the front of the black head to the back of the white head on the figure so the eyes, whiskers, and antennas show through in the correct places. Glue one Tink Pink large flower and one white small flower center to the green large flower with the stem. Adhere this stem to the back of Hello Kitty's hand on the white figure so she is holding it. Cut the Candy Apple hearts for the antennas to the right shape and adhere to the black antennas. Cut the flowers on Hello Kitty's head to the correct shapes and adhere. Take the Beetle Black circle for the shell and the Candy Apple shell and adhere to the white Hello Kitty figure.

Step 4: Using the Cricut machine and Hello Kitty Font cartridge, cut "Hey Lady" using the Round Creative Feature Key from Beetle Black in 1 1/4" size. Then cut "Hey Lady" using the Round Shadow Creative Feature key from Hot Pink in 1 1/4" size. Position on card and glue down. Take completed Hello Kitty figure and glue down as well.

Step 5: Take the Ribbons Sizzlet die and cut out two "scallops" borders out of Beetle Black. Cut to the correct size to fit along the bottom of the card. Using a straight edge and the bold and fine slick writers, create the border along the top, bottom, and sides of the card. Adhere the scallops to the inside of the card so they are partially visible on the outside and when the card is open, they are fully visible on the top and bottom. Make sure the scallops line up on the top and bottom when the card is closed.

Step 6: Adhere the rest of the large and small flowers to embellish the inside and cover of the card.

Step 7: Using the fine-tipped Slick Writer, outline Hello Kitty, "Hey Lady," and the flower embellishments. With the Fruit Punch Stickles, embellish "Hey Lady" and the pink flowers. Using the Xmas Red Stickles, embellish Hello Kitty's ladybug shell and antenna tops. Using the Icicle Stickles, embellish the white flowers and the middle of the flowers on Hello Kitty's head.

And wal-lah! This project will brighten any lady's day! Still need to feed your Hello Kitty appetite? Here's two more decked-out-Kitty projects that Katie recently finished.

A Hello Kitty beach page! Just check out the detail!

And finally, a Hello Kitty car decal—made with Oh My Vinyl! This is a great way to declare your love for Hello Kitty to the world!

If you have questions about the Hey Lady card, or would like instructions for the beach page or car decal, send Katie a quick e-mail: katie @ ohmycrafts . com. Also, to view more pictures of these projects, you can visit the Oh My Crafts photo gallery on Picasa. Just click on "Katie's Crafts."

Happy crafting!


Suzanne said...

very cool!

Wife2TJ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hello Kitty car sticker. I would so put that on my car :-)

d'Dragon said...

LOVE these projects - & I LOVE Hello Kitty!

KimJ said...

This is just too cute! Love what you did with the kitty.


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