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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now here's a fun one for ya. Katie used the Glitz Olivia kit to make this a-maze-ing layout. And right now we're running a daily deal for the kit.

8x8 vellum paper pack from Making Memories
Embossing machine
Craft Blade
Black Memory Marker from American Crafts
Cinnamon, Black Diamond, Orange, Xmas Red, Diamond

Page 1
Step 1: Cut Papers
•Orange Textile paper—Cut four strips 1 1/4" x 12". Run through embossing machine with Textile Texture embossing folder; you'll have to run each strip through 3 times to get the full length of the strip.

Roses paper—Cut most of hte paper individual roses; crumple up the roses.

Hearts paper—Cut one column of hearts off the side of the page; cut that strip into individual hearts.

Aqua blue vellum—Cut a piece to 8" x 5". Cut little circles, approx. 1" in diameter and crumple up.

Step 2: Assemble
Take your photo and the aqua blue vellum cut to 8" x 5" and arrange together so the picture is on the very left hand side of the strip and adhere.

Take your Music paper (this is your background paper) and place a strip of embossed paper on the top and on the bottom. In this particular case, the top strip was placed in the middle of the staff of music and the bottom one going right over the large rose in the bottom right hand corner. When they are placed where you want them, trace where they are (top and bottom of the strip) lightly with a pencil. Between these lines, use your craft blade to cut around elements of the paper (swirls and roses). Only cut the sides that are within the lines of your strip. (see picture below)

Now take your paper strips and feed them in and out of your paper where you cut, so the elements you cut out will go over your paper strip. When they're in place, glue them down where you can. (see picture below)

Do the same (tracing and cutting) with your photo piece. (see above picture) When you adhere your photo in place, only put adhesive behind the picture, if you put it outside the picture you'll be able to see the adhesive through the vellum. To adhere the right side of the vellum, only put one piece of the Glue Glider Permatac on each corner—it's small enough that you can't see it. Use a black Memory Marker to outline the photo and vellum.

Take the roses and blue circles you cut and crumpled and the hearts you cut out and arrange them on the bottom left hand corner and the top right hand corner of your page, then adhere them.

Using your Stickles, embellish the roses and swirls. Use Black Diamond on the black swirls, Cinnamon on the brown swirls, Orange and Xmas Red on the roses, and Diamond on the hearts. After the Stickles dries on the big roses that should be over your paper strip in the bottom right hand corner, put Glossy Accents over it and let dry.

Page 2
Adhere your photo to the lower right hand side of an 8" x 8" aqua blue vellum page.

You will be using the rainbow stripes paper and hearts paper as the back ground of this page.

Take the other two embossed strips and line them up with the two strips from your last page, trace around the strip lightly. On the top strip, cut around the last heart on the right side of the paper, wind the paper under this heart. Don't adhere yet. (see picture below)

Take your hearts paper (the one you cut one column of hearts off for the last page) and arrange your photo vellum piece on it, decide where you want to place your vellum and trace lightly with your pencil. Cut around one column on hearts just inside the traced lines so it will go over your vellum. Adhere your vellum piece to the hearts paper (only behind the photo and hearts and then one small piece of Permatac on each corner. Use your black Memory Marker to outline your photo, vellum page, and hearts on the vellum.

Adhere your hearts paper onto the center of your rainbow stripes paper. Adhere your embossed paper strips down.

Using the rest of your roses and circles you cut and crumpled, arrange them coming from the top left hand corner down to wrap around the top right hand side of your photo (like it's coming from the first page top corner to the photo).

Embellish your roses and hearts to match the first page.



NancyJones said...

ohhhhhhh this is sooo pretty!!!

jeffo 'n lisa said...

Tried to find the Daily Deal on this, but both kits that are displayed are sold out and don't see this one posted under Daily Deals. Is it gone already?

Lynne said...

I don't this daily deal either

ohmycrafts said...

Thanks for your comments— the daily deal for Glitz hasn't been put up on our site just yet. It'll be there soon, so keep an eye out for it! We'll keep everyone posted on Facebook. And they might go quick!!


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