Oh how the week went by *nostalgic sigh*

Monday, October 12, 2009

So we're back from cruisin' through Canada and New England. And WOW. What a fun time. Words can hardly describe. Brilliant teachers, brilliant crafters, brilliant ports—just BRILLIANT. We can't say THANK YOU ENOUGH to our amazing sponsors.

And furthermore.

A HUGE thanks to the wonderful crafters on board! We had oodles of fun with you ladies!

Check out these pictures!!

Until next time!


magicwanda said...

Wow looks like everyone had a great time ....and a lot of great stuff being made.
Wish I could have went ...sniff sniff...lol
Thanks for sharing a great time with us...

ThePurplePlace said...

Gosh! I wish so much I had know about this! I'm from the New England area and would have LOVED to have had a chance to take this cruise!

Looks like it was fun...although I'm sure it was a bit chilly too!!


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