'Tis the Season to be Jovial!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holiday ideas from the Basic Grey Newsletter for September 2010! These projects are made with the Jovial Collection.

Basic Inspiration
by Kelly Goree
Basic Grey supplies:
  • Jovial Flannel Pajamas
  • Jovial Crushed Velvet
  • Jovial Shopkeeper
  • Jovial Snowball Fight
  • Jovial Naughty
  • Jovial Mini Mono alpha stickers
  • Jovial Pops
Other supplies:
  • 1 – 4”x6” horizontal photo
    Favorite adhesive
    Dimensional adhesive
    Scallop border punch
    1½” circle punch
    Corner rounder
    Label punch or template
    Trimmer or cutting mat/craft knife
    Black journaling pen
    Sharp fine-tip scissors
    Coordinating chalk Ink (optional)
    Ruler/straight edge
The holidays will be here sooner than you know it.  This layout and card by Kelly Goree are sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

Layout Instructions:

1. Locate sheet of Flannel Pajamas (deep red side up).  This is the base. 
2. Locate 3½”x12” strip of Shopkeeper (cream floral). Adhere vertically down the left side of the page.
3. Locate 3”x12” strip of Crushed Velvet (green quilted). Using a 1½” circle punch, punch a partial circle along the left edge approximately 1” down from the top then adhere strip vertically along the right.
4. Using a ruler and black journaling pen, draw a dashed line along the inside edges of the vertical strips.
5. Locate the 6¼”x5½” piece of Snowball Fight (cream). Using the scallop border punch, punch along one long edge. Adhere the piece horizontally, scallops down, so that it is 2” from the right side and 1½” up from the bottom.
6. Locate a 12”x½” strip of Naughty (green stripe) and trim a 6¼”piece from it. Adhere the strip horizontally along the top of the scalloped edge of the cream piece as shown.
7. Using a ruler and a black journaling pen, draw a dashed line along the bottom of the striped strip.
8. Locate three 4”x½” strips of cream paper and adhere horizontally as shown in the deep red section of the page above the large cream photo mat.
9. Locate the four ornament stickers in the Pops sheet. Adhere three of them along the journaling strips at the top of the page as indicated.
10. Tie a small piece of brown jute in the final ornament sticker. This sticker will be the “O” for the chosen title (hope, joy, love, etc.).
11. Using red alpha stickers, spell out desired title using the ornament for the “o” along the base of the striped strip.
12. Remove the floral piece from the one of the “gift” stickers from the Pops sheet to accent the title.
13. Trim thin strips of scrap paper to form the “strings” for the top ornaments and adhere in place.
14. Using a scallop border punch, punch a small section of cream paper approximately 3” long and ¾” wide. Adhere along the top of the page, just above the ornaments.
15. Add a 3” piece of striped paper over the cream scalloped section so that just the scallops are visible.
16. Add desired photo and journaling.

Card Instructions:

1. Locate 5”x10” strip of Crushed Velvet (green quilted). Fold in half, quilted side out, to form a 5”x5” card. This card will open from the bottom.
2. Round bottom two corners.
3. Locate the 5”x3½” piece of Shopkeeper (cream floral) and adhere horizontally across the center of the card.
4. Locate the 5”x1½” piece of Flannel Pajamas (red stripe) and adhere horizontally across the center of the card.
5. Using a scallop border punch, punch a 5”x½” strip of Snowball Fight (cream). Adhere scallops down along the bottom edge of the floral piece.
6. Using a ruler and a black journaling pen, draw a dashed line along the top of the cream strip and along the top and bottom of the striped strip as shown. 
7. Locate cream label. Using a black journaling pen, draw a dashed line around the perimeter and then adhere it to right side of the card as shown using dimensional dots.
8. Locate green gift sticker from Pops sheet. Trim to size to fit the label as desired. 
9. Locate 4”x½” strip of cream paper. Add any desired sentiment with black pen and then adhere to card front as shown.

Happy jollying!


Khristen said...

Love those papers, cute projects!

Steph B said...

Basic Grey Jovial is my favorite Holiday Paper!


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