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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Thankgiving Traditions contest!  We enjoyed reading all the different traditions you shared.  

The winners of the contest are Renee Tomasko Dorrian, Kimberly, and KH!

Renee Tomasko Dorrian said...
We wake up and spend the morning checking out all the black friday ads and planing our shopping route for black friday. Prep the turkey for deep frying and then watch the Macy day parade and football. Dinner is more like lunch served at halftime. And don't forget about all the trimmings and traditions like that silly cranberry sauce in the can dumped into a bowl as is. The kids just love poking it and watching it jiggle.

Kimberly said...
Thanksgiving growing up was always held at home. My Mom and Aunt would trade off each year having the celebration. When my Mom passed away, that tradition fell to the wayside. Now, I have moved back into the family home to care for my elderly Dad. The tradition of eating at home is BACK! I am so excited to have the family back around the same table we used all those years ago. I am thankful to have the opportunity to bring the tradition back to life.
KH said...
We have a multi-generational tradition of food, food, and more food. I once spent a Thanksgiving with my Great- Aunt where she made a 35 pound turkey, pounds and pounds of mash potatoes and gravy, and all kinds of side dishes. As we were all about to pass out, she brought out 10 pies (there were only 30 of us and some were small children). Then I was introduced to the concept of back up pies, just in case we ran out of pie. Now that was a feast.

If our winners would kindly send their shipping addresses to we will send out their prizes! 

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Chris Wooten said...

way to go ladies and thank you oh my crafts for the awesome chances to win. Thanks for the great products and prices.



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