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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dillie Elliot!

This is Dillie Elliott, my wonderful mother-in-law! She deserves to be spotlighted by Oh My Crafts! She LOVES being creative and making stuff for her daughters, grandkids and friends. She has a whole little storage building outside her house just for her stuff to craft with. Sometimes us girls all get together in the building and make bows, cards and all kinds of doo dads. It really helps us bond and have a good time together. She is a wonderful person who thinks of others over herself always. She stays at home with my 21 month old son while me and my husband work. My daughter and 2 nieces get off the bus at my home and Dillie is there and helps them with their homework, gets them a snack and plays with them outside. Dillie often cook us all supper and we are a big group to feed. She is an amazing cook. Dillie is a recent breast cancer survivor. She underwent a mastectomy and a good bit of chemo. She is a hero to me and was such a trooper through everything she went through. She never asks for anything in return and she deserves something special done for her!

-Kimberly Elliott


Here's a little information about Dillie:

1. What does Dillie craft? Cardmaker, scrapbooker, etc. She is a cardmarker, scrapbooker, rubberstamper and Cricut user.

2. Favorite technique or tool she uses? Her cricut.

3. How long has she been crafting? 25 plus years

4. How long has she been an OMC customer? 2 years

5. What are her favorite products she can find at OMC? Cricut cartridges

6. What is her favorite thing about OMC? Reasonable prices and wide variety of products

7. What is her favorite quote or phrase? "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13

Take a look at some of Dillie's recent projects:

Thanks Kimberly and Dillie for all you do and create!


Mandy said...

Moms are awesome! :)

Brenda Gallant said...

Welcome Dillie to the OMC Spotlight. I was the first OMC Spotlight and I know how it feels to have been chosen as I am sure you feel that way today. I am so happy for you that they chose you as it sounds like you certainly deserve your time to SHINE in the Spotlight. Keep crafting and Enjoy your Spotlight!! It is nice to meet you!
Brenda Gallant, Summerside Prince Edward Island Canada


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