Flag Day Contest!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did you know that Flag Day is today, Tuesday, June 14th? Well to celebrate we're having a Flag Day LIMERICK Contest!

For this contest, we want you to enter a homemade limerick all about being patriotic, red, white and blue, or celebrating Flag Day. How to write a limerick you ask? It's easy! Here's an example:

              It's time to celebrate Flag Day,
              It's lots of fun, just like croquet!
                    It's red, white, and blue,
                    Helps us remember stuff too,
              So make sure to say thanks and hooray!

The standard form of a limerick is a stanza of five lines, with the first, second and fifth usually rhyming with one another and having three feet of three syllables each; and the shorter third and fourth lines also rhyming with each other, but having only two feet of three syllables. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

To enter the contest, leave a comment on this post with your limerick! Five winners will be chosen and announced on Thursday, June 16th.

Good luck and happy limerick-ing!


Karen Hunter said...

There once was a flag that flew
Proudly flapping its red, white, and blue.
And in its shadow you see
Older men drop to their knees
Recalling their proud moments too.

Happy Flag Day!
Karen H.

Katherines Corner said...

I enjoyed my visit to your crafty blog. Hugs!

An 80's Mom Married to a Mexican said...

I wonder if Betsy knew
As she sewed the red, white & blue
How beloved and cherished our
flag would be
And stand for the land of the free

DawnBarb said...

Up in the sky you will see
The symbol of our great country
In freedom we raise
An anthem of praise
To all who gave up their life freely!

Thanks vets!!!!

Terry K. said...

On the poles so high,
You see our flag fly in the sky!
Such a great sight to see
Knowing we are at home and free.
Thanking the soldiers far away
for helping us to enjoy this day!

Happy Flag Day! to all..today was also my Nana's birthday!

Terry K.

Anonymous said...

I love our flag the red white and blue.
These colors don't run, this much is true.
I fly my flag proudly everyday
Respect for my Country I must pay
In honor of my Dad a Hero from WWII

Karenduch said...

As the American flag hangs above
Our freedom is what we think of
to all that were brave
and the lives that they gave
we salute it to show our love

Robin said...

Stars and stripes on our flag represent
Whites o'their eyes, and the blood that was spent-
The stars on old glory
Tell a histroical story
And represent EVERY lady and gent.
By: Robin Williams

There is a flag that flies high
And we look at every time we go by
Even though it is great
Some people will debate
But this flag will never die.
By: Robert Williams (age 10)

Amy said...

The flag that we fly makes us proud!
We all stand and salute as a crowd!
The red, white, and blue,
We'll forever be true!
And the freedom it means rings loud!

Tambo said...

Oh flag of purity and innocence your white stripes call
From red stripes of valor and hardiness, we shall not fall
Stars and stripes of red, white, and blue,
Oh Glory, we proudly salute you.
For you are the vigilance, perseverance, and justice for all.

Happy Flag Day!
Tambo's Creations

Deb Williams said...

Even tho' my flag -- who
Is not red, white and blue
From your Canadian friend
Wishes we'd like to send
Are, Happy Flag Day to you.

Happy Flag Day from your Canadian friend

Anonymous said...

Celebrate the red, white and blue
And show your patriotism too,
Don't let your feet lag,
Hang up your flag,
It's the American thing to do.

Anonymous said...

See the flag surrounded by a crowd 
   See the flag and shout out loud
   I'm an American and I'm free
    No matter what happens we must agree
  That the flag up above makes us all proud! 

ParkNSlide said...

Flag Day---time to celebrate
What makes our country great.
Cheers for the USA
On this special day
Freedom's what we celebrate.

claudia.colle said...


Sarah said...

It's red, it's white, it's blue
And proudly waving it flew.
Once so respected,
Now sometimes dejected,
But to it my heart will stay true!

Scrapycandy said...

The flag flies because we are free
From sea to shining sea.
Red is for bravery
White is for purity
And blue is for loyalty.


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