It's Time for a Thank You!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Easy to make Thank you Boxes!

Supplies Used:

Sizzix : Scoreboards XL Die -
Box w/Flap
Martha Stewart : Scoring Board
Basic Grey : Lauderdale Collection Pack
Oh My Crafts : Exclusive OMC Acid Free Craft Tape - 1/4" x 5 Yards
Yellow 1/8" Ribbon
Black Felt Tip Pen


1. Cut each of the Lauderdale Collection Pack papers in half so that you have two 6"x12" rectangles. Cut out the boxes using the Lauderdale Collection Pack and the Sizzix Box w/Flap die. Save the extra paper from the cut outs for later. The Lauderdale Collection Pack will make 36 boxes total.

2. Using the Martha Stewart Scoring Board, score the fold marks in each of the papers according to the Box w/Flap die and fold accordingly.

3. Use the OMC Acid Free Craft Tape to secure the boxes together. Make sure to line up the holes in the back of the boxes.

4. Take the Lauderdale sticker sheet that is included in the collection pack and decorate the boxes. Try using all off the stickers including the negatives. It takes a little work, but you can cut out the negative of the flower sticker you liked so much and use it again! Simply put, if you like the design, don't be afraid to use it!

5. Cut out individualized tags from the leftover paper cut outs of the Lauderdale paper. They can be circles, tags, flowers, etc. Using a black felt tip pen, write "Thank you!" on each of the tags. Cut out holes to string the ribbon through using your favorite hole puncher tool.

6. Cut 14" pieces of the yellow ribbon, or whatever length you desire. String the ribbon through the holes in the back of the box. String a tag onto the ribbon on whichever side of the box you prefer.

7. Fill your box with your thank you gift, tie the ribbon in a bow, and you're done!

Happy crafting!

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