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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finally, the electronic shape-cutter that combines amazing artwork with craft-friendly intelligence. Meet the new eclips Machine from Sizzix.

Machine Features!

1. Material Size Presets
Select from various preset sizes to save paper and time.
2. Preset Speed and Pressure Settings
Rely on automatic speed and pressure settings for most commonly used cutting materials.
3. High Resolution LCD Screen
View larger 3.6" screen that shows all details of shape and user instructions.
4. Ultra-Fast Processor
No waiting for images to process ... instant and immediate responsiveness!
5. On-Screen Display
Access all features and art on LCD Screen for easy operation. No overlays to get lost or damaged.
6. Dynamic Image Queue
Add multiple quantities and sizes to queue to easily cut all shapes together.
7. Micro Size Management
Cut selected shape and adjust height or width within accuracy of 1/100th of an inch.
8. Interchangeable Cartridges
Replace one eclips cartridge for another while machine is on. Choose from dozens of themed cartridges with many great designs.
9. Handheld Remote Control
Perform all machine functions, including cutting, moving and position blad and managing images and materials.
10. Cradle for Handheld Remote Control
Conveniently keep Handheld Remote Control in Cradle for easy tabletop use.

11. Picture-in-Picture

For more design options, take selected shape and enclose it inside of PIP shape.
12. Smart Fit
Take selected shape and fit inside of material to be cut. As material size is adjusted, Fit size also changes automatically.
13. Smart Fill
Take selected shap enad automatically fill material to be cut with as many shapes as possible. Or, enter the number of shapes desired and Fill feature will calculate the optimum size of each shape to fill the material.
14. Dual Speed Motor Positioning
Move Cutter quickly and accurately anywhere on Cutting Mat.
15. On-Screen Navigation
Periodic on-screen instructions to help the user quickly navigate creative options.
16. Pop-Up Menu

  • Favorites - Add most-used designs to Favorites, which saves directly to cartridge being used. 
  • Center Point - With laser precision, cut as many or as few shapes around center point location of a shape. Create concentric (nesting) shapes or cut any shape inside another shape.
  • Double Cut - In case shape wasn't cut all the way through, pass blade over cut lines again and re-cut to ensure easy removal. 
  • Laser Cut Preview - Eliminate many costly miscuts by previewing laser image outline of shape to be cut. 
  • Pen Holder - Use eclips Pen Holder to hold virtually any felt tip or ballpoint pen to draw a shape. Even use glue pens to draw shapes that truly sparkle with glitter!   
  • Print2Cut* - Colorize, design and print an eclips shape from any home computer and printer and cut it with the eclips machine. 
  • Rotate Designs - Rotate shapes to optimize material being cut. Changes in orientation can be made in increments of 1 degree all the way to 360 degrees.
More Machine Features!

17. Optical Load Sensor

Automatically ensures that Cutting Mat is loaded correctly at the zero starting point.
18. Carrying Handle
Take the eclips Machine anywhere. It's the only electronic shape-cutter with an easy folding handle.
19. Scoring**
Cut and score at once - the eclips is the only e-cutter that can create easy fold lines in just one easy step.

Cutting Mat Features!

20. Starting Points
Align load arrows for mistake-free insertion, and turn Cutting Mat 180 degrees to last twice as long!
21. Pieces
Cut individual pieces of a design or all pieces together, while mixing and matching cardstock color to layer and embellish like a pro. Just like using a die!
22. Laser Material Positioning
User-defined starting and stopping points to cut any sized paper, anywhere on the Cutting Mat with pinpoint laser accuracy.

* Requires purchase of eclips Print2Cut Creative Software
** For use with eclips Albums, Bags & Box
es and Cards & Envelopes Cartridges

Happy crafting!

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