Doodlebug Sequin Halloween Cards

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Technique: How to Use Doodlebug Sequins on Cards
Instructions are provided by OMC designer Whitney

 This cute and easy card was inspired by Tiff Johnson from

Supplies Used:

Doodlebug Sequins

Doodlebug Create-a-Card

QuicKutz: 4x12” 2-Sided Adhesive- Sheets

Doodlebug: Pops (3-D stickers)

Doodlebug: Happy Halloween Doodles Cardstock Stickers


1. Trim the double-sided adhesive sheet to the desired size.

2. Peel off one liner from the double-sided adhesive sheet.

3. Press sequins onto the sticky side of adhesive sheet.

4. Trim the sequins that hang off the edge with a paper trimmer.

5. Peel off the other liner of the double-sided adhesive sheet.

6. Apply to card or envelope.

Here are some other examples:

Happy crafting!


Jingle said...

What a cute idea! Those look fantastic!

Tina said...

OK but dosnt the leftover uncovered adhesive attract dust and dirt?

Joan V said...

Love the sequin idea. Thanks for sharing.

Whitney Lewis said...

Hey Tina,
The uncovered adhesive has potential to attract dust, but there are ways to fix that (: A few suggestions would be to cover it with more small sequins, sprinkle glitter over it, or even dab a little baby powder on it. So far, I have had these cards finished for a few weeks now and have had no problems with them collecting dust or sticking to things I don't want them to stick to.
Thanks for your comments and concerns.
OMC Designer


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