An OMC How To: Heat Embossing!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Heat Emboss
Instructions provided by OMC Designer Whitney

Effective for applying color and dimension to any project.

Supplies Used:

Stamp (may need an acrylic block)
Embossing Powder

Ink Pad

Heat Tool
Paper to stamp on  
Scrap paper


1. Mount stamp 
 If you have an unmounted rubber or acrylic stamp, mount the stamp onto an acrylic block.


2. Ink the stamp 
Many slow-drying ink pad work great; but for best results use VersaMark or Tim Holtz: Distress Ink Pad for Embossing.


3. Stamp paper 
On smooth paper, press down on stamp firmly.


4. Apply embossing powder 
Sprinkle image with embossing powder and gently remove excess powder by lightly flicking the paper.

5. Apply Heat
Hold the heat tool a few inches above the piece to be embossed and go back and forth until the embossing powder has melting. Do not hold the heat tool in one place too long or else it will discolor or burn the paper. Check for any images that haven’t melted and apply more heat over them. Wait for it to dry before touching since it will be hot!


6. Clean 
Using the scrap piece of paper, pour excess embossing powder back into container for next use.

Remove the stamp from the acrylic block and clean with stamp cleaner or a wet paper towel.

To see how the designers at OMC have used embossing powder
click here.

Happy crafting!

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