Make Your Own T-Shirts with Silhouette Fabric Ink!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baseball Shirt Created Using Silhouette Fabric Ink
Created by OMC Designer Whitney

“Silhouette fabric ink is the cleaner way to screen print at home. With the Silhouette you don't need screens, squeegees, or heat lamps and best of all the process is quick and clean.”

Supplies Used:
Silhouette : Fabric Ink - Cyan and Black
Oh My Vinyl and Transfer Tape
Fabric (T-shirt, pillowcase, tote, etc…)
Electronic Cutting Machine (Silhouette)
Silhouette : Universal Hook

Step 1: Apply Stencil

Create a stencil with vinyl and apply it to fabric using transfer tape. This stencil was from the Silhouette Studio Library.

Step 2: Paint

Use a foam brush to dab ink onto fabric. Be aware that the paint might seep through the fabric, so add paper behind the project to stop the extra ink.

Step 3: Remove Stencil

Allow ink to dry completely (about 20 minutes), remove vinyl stencil, and iron to set the ink.

Or, if you are interested you could get the
fabric ink starter kit which contains all of the materials necessary to create your first fabric ink project from ink to a mixing tray and instructional DVD. With your Silhouette and fabric ink starter kit you'll find it easy to get started with Silhouette fabric ink.

Starter kit includes:

  • 2 oz bottle of black fabric ink
  • 3 feet of see-through stencil vinyl and clear transfer tape
  • Silhouette hook
  • mixing tray
  • sea sponge
  • foam brush
  • exclusive download card good for 10 stencil designs
  • idea booklet and instruction guide
  • instructional DVD
Have fun personalizing your t-shirts, totes, pillowcases, or any fabric you choose!

Happy crafting!

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