Top 10 Reasons to Love Mister Huey's

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Top 10 Reasons to Love Mister Huey's Color Mists
By Maggie Holmes

1. Mix a little Mister Huey with white paint, it makes an amazing chalk effect.
Tip: You can literally create your own custom paint colors by adding the spray ink to white paint and mixing it up.

2. The precious bottles look adorably handsome all lined up for display.
3. Clean up is easy with a baby wipe or warm soap & water.
4. Stamping with Mister Huey gives a whole new life to your stamps or masks.
Tip: You can apply Mister Huey to foam stamps with a brush or you can also use the Studio Calico masks as stamps like I did here. I sprayed the mask with the ink, then lifted it carefully up, turned it over and pressed it down onto my page to create this stamped look. It is best if you spray a lot of ink onto the mask.

5. Mister Huey's ink based mist does not warp paper and does not clog.
6. Grab a border punch or even alphabet stickers to create a mask then spray with Mister Huey mist for an awesome effect.

7. Mister Huey Stretches all of your supplies by making them the colors you want!
Tip: You can spray the ink on our plain wood veneer pieces to turn them any color you want. You can also alter the color of other products like stickers and alphabets to get a custom color that works perfectly on your layout!

8. Add a subtle touch of bling to any project with a little Mister Huey Shine.
9. A few squirts can dye neutral color fabric to coordinate with any project.
Tip: You can die fabric, ribbon, trims, etc. To speed up the drying time use a heat gun. 

10. Mister Huey takes the guess work out of choosing a color - the color of the label is always the exact color of the mist!

Happy crafting!

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