Leap at the Chance to Name Your Own Color!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's time for a BLOG contest!

How to Enter:
Here’s a chance to name your own color of retired Bazzill Paper.* We’ve provide the rainbow colors, now is your chance to provide the name! Create a new name for the colors shown below by leaving us a comment on this blog post. Our OMC Design Team will select one new name for each of the colors to win. Each of the seven winners will receive a package of 30 colors of retired Bazzill paper. The winners will be announced in tomorrow's email blast, so make sure to check your email to see if you’ve won!

*Actual color name will not change. This is for contest fun only :)








Happy crafting!


Tracy said...

Red: Cardinal Red
Orange: Tropical Tangerine
Yellow: Lemon-y Yellow
Green: In A Pickle Green
Blue: Blueberry Blast
Indigo: Intense Indigo
Violet: Easter Egg Violet

Crystal said...

RED: Chile Pepper
ORANGE: Southern Sunset
YELLOW: Jonquil Petal
GREEN: Leap Frog Green
BLUE: Summer Lake
INDIGO: Crushed Grape
VIOLET: Wisteria Wine

Kiara said...

Blue: blossom blue eyes

boval73 / Valy said...

Here are my names :

Smocked Rose
African Sunset
Sweety Peeps
Green Lantern
Baby Whale
Queen of the night
Crocus Vernus

What a fun game !

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

super fun contest. my submission is...

RED.... razz-ma-tazz red
ORANGE... only orange
YELLOW... ur not kidding yellow
GREEN.... olive u green
BLUE.... what can i say blue
INDIGO... in u go indigo
VIOLET... vintage violet

spelsue said...

This is fun!
red: a hearty blush red
orange: optimistic orange
yellow: sheepish fellow yellow
green: enviable green
Blue: winter sea blue
indigo: generalissimo indigo
violet: shrinking violet

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Tomato Red, Florida Orange, Sunny Yellow, Fresh Basil, Country Blue, Bunch of Grapes,and Violet Velvet.

Shelley said...

Mys sugestions are:

Red: Strawberry lolipop
Orage: Creamsicle
Yellow: Spring Day
Green: Shamrock
Blue:Lauren's Eyes
Indigo:Grape Popcicle
Violet:Vision of you violet

Donna said...

red: sweet roses
orange: pumpkin passion
yellow: banana blast
green: spring leaves
blue: ocean breeze
indigo: dark passion
violet: spring flower

-Mrs. Olson said...

Red: Rudolph's Nose
Orange: Oh So Juicy
Yellow: Daffodil Dust
Green: Springtime Stem
Blue: Muted Baby Boy
Indigo: Determined Denim
Violet: Lilac Crush

KimCreate said...

Color names:
Tiger Lily
Blue Bell
Sweet Violet

Thanks for chance to win!

Nancy said...

1-tongue 2-you sweet 3-dog watered snow 4-leprechaun 5-in the face 6-bruise 7-pure beauty

KimCreate said...

Color names:
Tiger Lily
Blue Bell
Sweet Violet

Thanks for chance to win

Shona Erlenborn said...

Rustic Red
Lemon Meringue
Groovy Green
Hydrangea Blue
Pansy Purple
Intense Indigo

Nicocallie said...

For the Blue : Serene Spa

Scrappin_3rdeeschik said...

Bailey blues blue. Scrappin3rdeeschik.blogspot.com
Thanks for the chance to win.

Janet Hopper said...

okay...how fun is this!
Plum Tomato Red
Banana Pudding
Leap'n Lizards
Country Living Blue
Indigo Nights
Violet Skies

beemama said...

Here are my entries
Crushed Cherries (red)
Lost in the Sunset (orange)
Up to My Knees in Daffodils (yellow)
Sleepy Moss (green)
Awaiting Dusk (blue)
Dark Thoughts (indigo)
Wall of Wisteria (violet)
Thanks for the fun contest.

Linda said...

Rippened Red, Juicy Orange, Sunburst yellow, avocado twist, ocean depth blue, inspiration indigo, valiant violet

mitzi said...

here's mine, pinky red, orange orange,medium yellow,folliage green,true blue, purple purple, pretty purple. hope I win I love this cardstock so many possibilites.

Janet Hopper said...

okay...how fun is this!
Plum Tomato Red
Banana Pudding
Leap'n Lizards
Country Living Blue
Indigo Nights
Violet Skies

Katie said...

Red = Barn Door

Orange = Creamsicle

Yellow = Spring Daffodil

Green = Victorian Ivy

Blue = Blue Suede

Indigo = Ripe Plum

Violet = Hydrangea

kat said...

Tomato Red
Fiery Skies
Banana Peel
Seaweed Green
Comfortable Denim
Amethyst Dream
Spring lilac

Colleen O said...

Rosy Cheeks, Sunset Dream, Leaping Lemon, Lilly Pad, Ol' Blue Eyes, Got Jeans?, Va Va Violet

Vicky M said...

Red: Home Grown Tomato
Orange: Sunset Orange
Yellow: Baby Chick Yellow
Green: Caterpillar Green
Blue: Weathered Shutters
Indigo: At Dusk Blue - or - Just Before Dawn
Violet: Purple Mountain Majesty

I gave names to these colors as to what they reminded me of when I look at them. Thanks - Vicky

rockinrobin721 said...

Indigo: Mardi Gras (since I'm originally from New Orleans)!

gemini_ladi@yahoo.com said...

My names are ripe tomato (red), pumpkin patch (orange), spring sunshine (yellow), avocado (green), cornflower (blue), midnight suprise (indigo), lovely lavender (violet) .

gltinnola said...

How about making indigo, passionate purple!

Debbie J said...

Looks like I'm the first!! So, here's a list of my color names:
red-waterlily red
yellow-myer lemon yellow
green-palm frond green
blue-heron blue
indigo-royal blue

Amuma said...

I LOVE the "red".It reminds me of our beautiful Nevada sunsets. My new name is "Sunset Blush".

rlovew said...

red: Robust Red
orange: Orange You Glad
yellow: Sunshine
green: Green Pastures
blue: Storm Cloud Blue
indigo:Indigo Ink
violet: Blooming Lavendar

Anonymous said...

Red - Strawberry Dawn
Orange - Sparkling Sunrise
Yellow - Disco Lemonade
Green - Green Appletini
Blue - Blue Lagoon
Indigo - Grape Twilight
Violet - Bubble Yum

This was fun, thanks for the chance to win!

Becky.mayhewlear AT gmail DOT com

janec said...

strawberry daquiri
orange sickle
banana cream
grassy knoll
huckleberry pie
purple passion

Bee Burg said...

*Sunkissed Poppy* Red
*Radiant Sunset* Orange
*Chickie Chick* Yellow
*Martini Olive* Green
*Hydrangea* Blue
*Lavender sachet* Indigo
*Lilac Bloom* Violet

Lynne Phelps said...

RED: Blowing Kisses

ORANGE: Tequila Sunrise

YELLOW: Butter Wouldn't Melt

GREEN: Jolly Green Giant

BLUE: Newman Blue Gaze

INDIGO: Regal Iris

VIOLET: Pansy Petals

Diane said...

Red - Reddy for Anything.

Gwen said...

Okay, so by my color names I think you can tell what is on my mind. SPRING! poppy,crush (not this one),sunburst, grass forget me nots, iris, pansy.

Claire said...

My colors :

Red : Bois de rose
Orange : pavot de californie
Yellow : joli poussin
Green : camouflage
Blue : orage d'été
Indigo : iris sauvage
Violet : voile d'orchidée

Sara Contevita said...

iestorim ctiqugHow about these color names!

Red-cherry pie
orange-harvest moon
green-pond scum
blue-robin's egg
purple-purple people eater
lilac-flowering bush

Marita said...

Thanks a lot for the chance to win!! This is a very fun contest. My colors will be rojito, naranja, sunset, tree, colibri, moradito

Grace Baxter said...

My name for violet is Iris Mauve.

Grace Baxter

Grace Baxter said...

My name for Indigo is Aubergine.

Grace Baxter

Grace Baxter said...

My name for Indigo is Plump Purple.

Grace Baxter

Joan V said...

Red= Sedona
Orange= Creamsicle
Yellow= Canary
Green= Spring Meadow
Blue= Little Boy Blue
Indigo = Starry Night
Violet= Easter Purple

Thanks, this was fun. Wow, Bazzill sure has so many colors available.

Grace Baxter said...

My name for Blue is Shy Sky.

Grace Baxter

Anonymous said...

Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?
Orange You Glad?
Sunshine on My Shoulder
Love is Blue
Indigo, Outigo
Lavender Blue

Grace Baxter said...

My name for green is Cottage Moss.

Grace Baxter

Grace Baxter said...

My name for Yellow is a-MAIZE-ing.

Grace Baxter said...

OOops, forgot to leave my name on the last entry.

My choice for yellow is a-MAIZE-ing.

Grace Baxter

Grace Baxter said...

My name for Orange is Sunset Sliver.

Grace Baxter

Grace Baxter said...

My name for Red is Cheeky Rose.

Grace Baxter

The World Through My Eyes said...

So for the red you should name it STOP. Name the green GO. The yellow SLOW. The orange RABBIT FOOD. The blue CLOUDY. The indigo ROYALTY. The violet PRINCESS VIOLETA.

Sandy said...

Faded Rose, Pumpkin Pie, Lemon Meringue, Grassy Green, Colonial Blue, Blueberry

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

red - richly red
orange - autumn orange
yellow - just ducky
green - going green
blue - ocean bound
indigo - royalty robe
violet - grandmas wish

Posted by PKBoo

Royal Descent said...

Red- Old Barn Red
Orange- Safety Cone
Yellow- Butter
Green- Olivine
Blue- Cloudy Day At Sea
Indigo- Sophisticated Royalty
Violet- Rapunzel

Karina said...

1. Rosy Red
2. Obvious Orange
3. Yacht Yellow
4. Garnish Green
5. Bubble Blue
6. Impulsive Indigo
7. Vaguely Violet

Shelley said...

Red: Pouty Lips
Orange: Sunrise Serenade
Yellow: Walkin on Sunshine
Green: Luck of the Irish
Blue: Lost at Sea
Indigo: Moonlight Tango
Violet: Hydrangea Bliss

Aimee from byAimee.com said...

red - brick
yellow - sunshine
green - summer grass

brow5204 said...

Green: EVOO

mambo said...

I think the yellow paper should be called perfectly pineapple.
Yum, Yum........I love the paper colors.

mtscrapgal said...

How about "Sunshine Glow" for the yellow paper. Thanks for the contest.

Maretta said...

Radiant Raspberry, Orange Creme Sherbet, Lemon Slush, Luscious Lime, Beautimus Blue, Blueberry Ripple and Lavish Lavendar...I love your papers!

Nicole L. said...


LaLa said...

Red – Rose
Orange – Clementine
Yellow – Sunshine
Green – Palm
Blue – Ocean
Indigo – Royalty
Violet – Gladiola

This is not as easy as it sounds! :)

queen_lade @ yahoo.com

Linda Harris said...

Ok we have Strawberry dreams
Lemon curd
Spring Green
Ocean Waves
Pansy Purple
And Fresh Lilacs
Thanks OMC for the chance!!!

Amy said...

Red should be named Tutti Frutti because it looks like a yummy fruit color.

Indigo looks like Grapealicious since it's such a deep purple that you could eat it.

CraftyBeginner said...

Ridiculously Red, Outrageously Orange, Yellow-Licious, Greenway Green, Blue Haze, Rustic Purple, Palish of Purple.

CraftyBeginner said...

Ridiculously Red, Outrageously Orange, Yellowiscious, Greenway Green, Blue Haze, Rustic Purple, Palish Purple.

The Allen Family said...

Red - Ruby Red Slippers
Orange - Hot Stuff
Yellow - Sunkissed
Green - Lemongrass
Blue - Berry Blue
Indigo - Eggplant
Violet - Princess Purple

teriw61 said...

Red- Cherry Bomb
Orange- Marmalade
Yellow- Lemonade
Green- Four Leaf Clover
Blue- Meadowlark
Indigo- Rocking Mom Jeans
Violet- Plum Passion

Scrappin with the bug said...

Here is my list:
red - pizza party
Orange - sherbert smoothie
yellow - buttered popcorn
Green - Ogre (as in Shrek)
Blue - Oh My Crafts Blue
indigo - Plumbago
violet - hydrangea

Amanda said...

1)Raspberry Cake
2)Ripe Cantaloup
3)Banana Pudding
4)Guacamole Green
5)Bridesmaid Blue
6)Grape Jelly
7)Misty lake

Most of these are food names - you can probably tell I'm hungry!

Miriam Prantner said...

Red: Traffic Light
Orange: Clementine
Yellow: Sunshine Day
Green: Grass Clippings
Blue: Denim Wash
Indigo: I've got the Blues
Violet: Lilac

Tenille said...

If it was up to my 3 year old, they would all be Cars characters, so I included a few of his.

Red - Lightning Red
Orange - Orange Peel
Yellow - Luigi
Green - Moss Lake
Blue - Porpoise Haze
Indigo -Night Sky
Violet- Preciouspetal

Anonymous said...

Luscious red
Fall leaf orange
Daffodil delight
Summer breeze green
Ocean mist blue
Close to midnight
Grape ice cream

Stephanie harris

AmyJ said...

How fun!!!
RED: Firestone
ORANGE: O-tastic
YELLOW: Buttercup Sun
GREEN: Froggy Blast
BLUE: Blue Bunny Boy
INDIGO: Water's Edge
VIOLET: Lily Pad

Anonymous said...

RED: Moulan Rouge
ORANGE: Orange u a little "cutie"
YELLOW: Sunburst
GREEN: Frog Delight
BLUE: Texas Bluebonnets
INDIGO: Wildcats of Kansas

LoveofBooks said...

Red-Flickering Fire
Orange-Autumn Warmth
Yellow-Sunshine Ray
Blue-Ocean Depths
Indigo-"Starry Night"
Violet-Luscious Lilac

Margie said...

Red - Cherry delight
Orange - Marmalaide
Yellow - Sunshine
Green - Shamrock
Blue - Summer sky
Indigo - Grapeade
Violet - Lucious Lavender

Anonymous said...

Oh How Fun - Not an easy Job either!!!!!

Here's my ideas!

RED – Pink Pepper Corn (they are actually redish)
ORANGE – 70’s Leisure Suit
YELLOW – Yellow Sapphire
GREEN – Lucky Green
BLUE – Blue Monday
INDIGO – Beneath an Indigo Sky
VIOLET – SweetPea’s Wild Violet (after my wild child who is nicknamed sweetpea)

Thanks for the chance to win,

Angela Zablocky

Tedfam said...

Red:Barn door Red
Orange:Pumpkin Patch Orange
Yellow:Butter Cup
Green:Meadow Green
Blue:Country Sky Blue
Indigo: Spring Crocus
Violet: Springs Song

connie schoenhofer said...

red - Cosmo red
orange - sunset glow
yellow - sunrise
green - guacamole
blue - bluejay
indigo - industrial ink
violet - blushing lilac

seniorpal said...

Yellow:Mellow Yellow
Green:Grassy Green
Blue:Sky Blue
Indigo: Eggplant
Violet: Lilac

I had to many Colors To Name on Oh My Crafts Blog. Win Win Win!!!

Laurie said...

Red: Lover's passion
Orange: Arizona sunset
Yellow: California sunshine
Green: Oregon All The Time Green
Blue: Colorado Rockies Blue
Indigo: Almost Rainbow's End Indigo
Violet: True Treasure Violet

Anonymous said...

Red: Poppy
Orange: Tiger Lily
Yellow: Buttercup
Green: eucalyptus
Blue: Bluebonnet
Indigo: Purple asters
Violet: Lilac

Anonymous said...

Kate said...
Red: Cinnamon Scent
Orange: Sweet L’Orange
Yellow: Savory Saffron
Green: Green Tea
Blue: Frosty Evening
Indigo: Iris Dreams
Violet: Moonlight Shadow

Pat Turner said...

Red-Headed Stamper
Orange You Gonna Play With Me?
Pea Green With Envy
I Got Those Craftin' Blues!
Twilight Skies (indigo)
I Have Violet Tendencies!

kathryn said...

red-cardial red
orange-autmn orange
yellow-sunlit yellow
green-Irish moss
blue-little boy blue
indigo-eggplant surprize
violet-moonlit violet

Laurie said...

Everyone's ideas are so creative! I'm impressed!

PamS said...

Red: Ranch House
Orange: Autumn Blast
Yellow: Sun Burst
Green: Olive Moss
Blue: Postal Blue
Indigo: Moonlit Sky
Violet: Iris Bloom

I am going to miss that green!!!

ParkNSlide said...

Ravishing Red
Orange Crush
Summertime Yellow
Green as Frog's Hair
Lady Sings the Blues
Inky Indigo
Sweet Violet

marg0006 said...

Brick Red
Rusty Orange
Sunny Yellow
Avocado Green
Dusty Blue
Rainbow Purple

Max & Judi Hamilton said...

Red Cheeks - Red
Jaffa Delight - Orange
Sherbet Fizz - Yellow
Rolling Hills - Green
Sunny Skies - Blue
Grape Slushie - Indigo
Serene Dream - Violet

Cathy said...

Red: Brick House Red
Orange: Gerby Daisy Orange
Yellow: Daffodil Yellow
Green: Lilly Pad Green
Blue: Heather Blue Jeans
Indigo: Pansy Indigo
Violet: Spring Lilacs

Loved this game

Melissa E. said...

Red: Faded Brick
Orange: Muted Orange
Yellow: Morning Light
Green: Asparagus
Blue: Stormy Sky
Indigo: Majesty
Violet: Whispering Wisteria

gaylemontayostudio said...

RED: Strawberry Festival

ORANGE: tic tac orange

YELLOW: banana-danna
BLUE: go fly a kite

INDIGO: purple people eater
VIOLET: Victorian violet
This was fun! Thank you!

Karen Wolf said...

Red = Flame
Orange = Ochre
Yellow = Chiffon
Green = Envy
Blue = Cobalt
Indigo = Purple Rain
Violet = Electric

Cindy Lou said...

Red: Peony Red
Orange: Really Rusted Orange
Yellow: Delft Yellow
Green: Jungle Green
Blue: Delft Blue
Indigo: Deep Waters Indigo
Violet: Jumpin Jack Violet

Thanks for the opportunity!

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Red – Redwood
Orange – Sunray
Yellow – Lemon drop
Green – Guacamole
Blue – Blue Flannel
Indigo – Teresa’s Perfect Purple
Violet – Spring Flowers

krafting kelly said...

red-heart throb
orange-spunky punkin
yellow-gold digger
green-grab-ya green
blue-stormy skies
indigo-amorous aubergine
violet-luscious lilac

Mary C. said...

Red-ragae red
orange-marigold marmalade
yellow-copy cat yellow
green-frog pond green
blue-seascape blue
indigo-midnight madness
violet-treasured sky

Carol Vivenzio said...

aRed: Lady Bug red
Orange:caterpillar orange
Yellow: Honey Bee yellow
Green:grasshopper green
Blue: Monarchblue
Indigo: baby iblegua rdelarbunting
Violet:African violet

Sandy said...

Red: Passion Love
Orange: Juice Orange
Yellow: Sweet Pollito (Mexican word for chick)
Green: Peaceful Meadow
Blue: Strong Faith.
Indigo: Naughty Grape.
Violet: Lavender Chic.
Thanks for this fun contest :)

Mary C said...

red-raegae red
orange-marigold marmalade
yellow-copy cat yellow
green-frog pond green
indigo-midnight madness
violet-treasured sky


Jennifer said...

Red: Hot Tango
Orange: Candied Carrots
Yellow: Lemon Pucker
Green: Sprout
Blue: Summer Sky
Indigo: Indigo-go
Violet: Sonet of Spring

rdnance3 said...

Red: Razzleberry Red
Orange: Sweet Tangerine
Yellow: Poundcake Yellow
Green: Pea Green Soup
Blue: Willowhouse Blue
Indigo: Bluebonnet Indigo
Violet: Easter Dress Violet

DebbieR. said...

Red-- Rainbow Red
Orange--Outragous Orange
Yellow-- Leaping Yellow
Green-- Grazing Green
Blue-- Susie Blue
Indigo-- Way to to Indigo
Violet-- Passion Purple

snaphappyscrapper said...

How Fun!

Red: Sunset
Orange: Day Lily
Yellow: Summer Morning
Green: Leapin' Lizzard
Blue: Wading Pool
Indigo: Symphony
Violet: Concerto

Thanks for the chance!

Bobbie said...

soft raspberry
harvest time
lemon chiffon
pine velvet
proud colonial
Boisenberry Surpreme
heather breeze

swatts907 said...

red-creamy rose
yellow-old yellar
green-machine green
blue-blue for you
indigo-gogo indigo
violet-oh vivi

Linda said...

Cat's Eye Green

Linda said...

Red: Lipstick
Orange: Tropical Cocktail
Yellow: Daffodil
Green: Cat's Eye
Blue: Paul Newman's Eyes
Indigo: Grape Soda
Violet: Crocus

Liz said...

red: strawberry shortcake
orange: mango tango
yellow: fun in the sun
green: grasshopper
blue: rainy day
indigo: plumpy
violet: lavander bliss

Melitta Ball said...

Red - Hot Tamales
Orange - Orange Sicle
Yellow - Yell Ow I Love Lemon
Green - O i LIVE 4 Green
Blue - Dutch Boy Blue
Indigo - Tranquil Twilight
Violet - Vibrant Violet

Thanks for the fun project!

Melitta Ball

janice said...

Red:Red Hot Cinnamon
Orange: Orange Marmelade
Yellow: Spicy Banana
Green: Avocado Green
Blue: Steel Blue
Indigo: Pansy Love
Violet: Lilac

Anonymous said...

Red : Red as a beet the competition
Orange: Orange you glad you scrap?
Yellow: Yellow it's me
Green: Green but not recycled
Blue: Happy to be blue
Indigo: Oh So Indigo!
Violet: Buy Buy Violet

LaurieBee said...

red: watermelon
orange: pumpkin pie
yellow: lemon meringue
green: fern
blue: summer sky
indigo: bluejeans
violet: sweet violet

bharsch said...

RED: Razzle Berry
ORANGE: Sunset
YELLOW: Chickadee
GREEN: Olive Oyl
BLUE: Steel
INDIGO: Grapes of Wrath
Violet: Lilac

Lisa said...

1) red - brick red
2) orange - mango tango
3) yellow - mellow yellow
4) green - olive green
5) blue - slate blue
6) indigo - concord grape
7) violet - violet frost

tabor315 {at} gmail {dot} com

Patti said...

Red: Blushing Beauty
Orange: Mango Kiss
Yellow: Firefly
Green: Grassy Lawn
Blue: Twilight Sky
Indigo: Midnight Dreams
Violet: Grape Sorbet

Betty said...

RED- Barn Door
ORANGE- Creamsicle
YELLOW- Cold Lemonade
Green- Olivine
Blue - Nautically Nice
Indigo- Rockstar
Violet- Country Cottage

Donna Schnees said...

orange:sunset sky
violet:flowers in the snow

mscrafty29 said...


Cathy said...


Red:Heart Red
Orange: Navel Orange
Yellow: SunShine Yellow
Green: Patricks Day Green
Blue:Bubblie Ivy Blue
Indigo:Electric Indigo
Violet:Lilac Violet

Heidi said...

Red- Apple of my eye
Orange - Orange Julius
Yellow - You are my sunshine
Green - Grass is always greener
Blue - Blue suede shoes
Indigo - Forever in blue jeans
Violet - Purple Haze

SandyO said...

Red: Cherry Pie
Orange: Apricot Cream
Yellow: Sunflower
Blue: Smokey-Blues
Indigo: Berry Jean
Violet: Lavender

tanya said...

Red -cherry blossom
Orange - orange slice
Yellow -yellow sun
Green - ivy bliss
Blue - blue daze
Indingo - Levi blue
Violet - wisteria love

All sm letters.
Thanks for fun

Amyscats said...

red: Raspberry Sherbet
orange: Orange Poppy
yellow: Softest Sunshine
green: Freshly Mowed
blue: Classic Cobalt
indigo: Midnight Magic
violet: Lavender Sachet

FrancineB said...

red-raspberry lemonade
orange-orange crush
yellow-butternut squash
blue-blue bubblegum
indigo-new denim
violet-purple passion

Anonymous said...

I was the "anonymous" poster this morning. I was heading out to a pre-op and realized that I do not know how to post my email without it going out to everyone. My name is Cherylle.

fusiafscrapping said...

Red: hot, hot lips
Orange: delicious sun setting
Yellow: little duckling OR cosy sand
Green: midday grass
Blue: cristal lake
Indigo: yummy grape
Violet: hortensia blush

Thanks for so much fun :)

Teri said...

RED - Queen of Hearts
ORANGE - I don't Rhyme
YELLOW - Sawubona(means good morning in Zulu)
GREEN - Don't be so Jealous
BLUE - Monday
INDIGO - I Better Go so Indigo
VIOLET - No shrinking Violet

Gina G. said...

Red: Red Rover
Orange: Orange Hangover
Yellow: Yellow Submarine
Green: Green Grass of Home
Blue: Blue Moon
Indigo: Indigo Jeans
Violet: Violet Eyes

Sharon said...

Red: Robust Rouge
Orange: Mellow Melon
Yellow: Sunshiny Days
Green: Irish Green
Blue: Blue Bonnet
Indigo: Regal Royale
Violet: Violet Frills

Karee Sue said...

Red- Razzling raspberry
orange- Tangy orange
Yellow- Sunshine blast
green- Pine forest
blue- blue blue morning
Indingo- Indingo skies
violet- Lilac spray

Susan said...

Susan said
RED: Royal Ruby
ORANGE: Citris Squeeze
YELLOW: Daffodil Gold
GREEN:Lilly Pad
BLUE: Summer Sky
INDIGO: Midnight Blue
VIOLET: Vivacious Violet

Larissa Heskett said...

Berry Sorbet
Tropical Sunset
Sunflower Smile
Fried Pickle
Aged Denim
Morning Glory
Bosenberry Surprise
THANKS for the fun contest and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Milkyway said...

Red: Red Rumor
Orange: Frosted Pumpkin
Yellow: Banana Daiquiri
Green: Mow the Grass
Blue: Jukebox Blues
Indigo: Trendsetter
Violet: Country Fields


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