Love Squared

Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Squared
Created by OMC Designer Jill

Supply List:
Wood Designs : Love Squared
Oh My Crafts : My Color Acrylic Paint - Phantom
Tim Holtz : Adornments - Charms
Tim Holtz : Locket Keys by Tim Holtz
7 Gypsies : Hardware : Chains w/ Clasp
Elizabeth Craft Design : Glitter Ritz - Regal Red
Tsukineko : Versafine - Onyx Ink Pad
Tim Holtz : Adirondack Alcohol Ink Applicator
Mod Podge


1. Paint the sides of the wood with the acrylic paint.
2. Paint the face of the wood in sections using a good amount of Mod Podge. Sprinkle a heavy amount of the Glitter Ritz over the wet Mod Podge. Paint another section with Mod Podge and again sprinkle a heavy amount of glitter to cover. Continue to do this until the whole face is covered.
3. Shake excess glitter off onto a blank piece of paper. Put the glitter back into the jar for future use!
4. Ink the edges of the wood with the Onyx Ink pad and the Tim Holtz tool.
5. Once dry you can embellish by hooking two of the chains together around the O. Then hook the adornments and lockets onto the chain so they will hang down.

Reminder: Collect your extra glitter by dumping it off onto a blank sheet of paper and creasing it so the glitter just flows right back into the bottle!

Happy crafting!

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