Bunny Peeps Wood Shapes

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bunny Peeps Wood Shapes
Created by OMC Designer Jill
Supplies Used:
Craft Paint : Pink, Purple, and Yellow
Glitter : Pink, Purple, and Yellow
Gingham Ribbon : Blue, Pink, Purple
Wood Designs : Bunny Peep

Glossy Sealing Spray

Mod Podge
Black Jewels

1. Paint each of the shapes with the different craft paints - pink, purple, and yellow.
2. One at a time: After you apply your second coat of paint on the front of a peep, apply the coordinating glitter color heavily, making sure to coat it evenly. Allow the paint to dry completely for optimal glitter adhesion! Once fully dry, tap each of the shapes gently on your work surface. Continue with this process until all the sides are completely glittered.
HINT: Tap the excess glitter off the shapes onto a clean piece of copy paper or onto a Glitter Tray. Once the excess glitter falls off you can pour the excess glitter back into it’s original container!
3. Once they are all glittered, spray with a glossy sealing spray. Allow to fully dry.
4. Embellish each bunny with a small cute bow. The ribbon shown is Doodlebug gingham ribbon.
5. Add eyes and a nose to each bunny using black jewels.

Happy crafting!

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