Sunflower Wood Shape

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunflower Wood Shape
Created by OMC Designer Jill

Supplies Used:
Wood Designs : Sunflower (MDF)
Tim Holtz : Distress Stain - Frayed Burlap
Tim Holtz : Distress Ink Pad - Vintage Photo
Martha Stewart : Acrylic Craft Paint - Pollen
Stampendous : Fran'tage Glass Glitter - Bronze
Mod Podge
Deco Flate Wire : Chocolate (Coming soon to OMC!)

1. Stain the front, back, and sides of the back of the sunflower using the distress stain.
2. Stain the sides and the back of the middle piece of the sunflower using the distress stain.
3. Paint the front of the middle of the sunflower using the Pollen acrylic craft paint.
4. Stain the front of the top piece of the sunflower, using the distress stain.
5. Ink the edges of the middle part of the sunflower with the distress ink.
6. Mod Podge the front and sides of the first two pieces.
7. Position the petals of the first two pieces so that the petals are visible. Glue your middle piece to the back using Mod Podge.
8. Glue the round piece to the middle piece using Mod Podge.
9. Apply a thick coat of Mod Podge to the front of the round piece and heavily sprinkle the glass glitter. Press down lightly to make sure the glitter adheres well. Allow to dry completely.
10. Spray a thick coat of clear sealer to the glitter to help it stay. You can also spray the rest of the sunflower at this time to give it some added sheen!
11. Drill holes through the flower that are big enough for the flat wire to go through.
12. Cut a piece of the flat wire long enough that when you twist it around a pencil it is still long enough to use to hang your sunflower.
13. Pull the wire through the holes and bend so that it secures the wire.
14. Hang and display your creation!

Happy crafting!

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