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Monday, January 25, 2010

Well CHA was a total blast. If you keep up with us on Facebook, then you've seen a bunch of updates and pictures of the action-packed weekend. And for the few of us left behind here at the OMC warehouse, we're anxiously awaiting everyone's return, and most especially to find out what sort of items they made off with. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

So let's focus on something else super exciting. What could that be? Valentine's Day, naturally! Have you checked out our selection of quotes we have for the day of looove? Here's an especially poetic one by dear old William Shakespeare: "Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs." Aaah. That quote either makes your heart flutter, or it's sappiness makes you sick. Either way, Valentines Day lends itself to some wonderful crafts, wouldn't you agree? Whether you're a card maker, a scrapbooker, a home decorator or what have you, there's definitely something great to do for the month of February, and we've got lots lines up to show you.

Here's a fun decór item designed by Lindsey Fillmore:

Wouldn't this look great on a wall or shelf? She used the Vintage Valentine pack from Fancy Pants—which we all adore—and various embellishments from Prima. She bought the letters from a local craft store, in the wooden section.

Here's some close ups:

That's all for today! For questions on this project, feel free to e-mail Lindsey at lindseyfillmore @ yahoo . com. Happy Valentining!


jenjen said...

Happy Valentines Day! Cute project. It sounds like the conference was so fun. Lucky girl!


Sheena said...

Pretty..thanks for the comment on my blog :)


Cheryl said...

This is so pretty!!! It would be great not only for Valentine's Day but in a little girls room. All year round.
Love is a word we can never hear or feel enough of.


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