CHA sneak peeks—one last time!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Well CHA is underway TODAY! Woo-hoo! The wait is finally over! Party in Anaheim! A group of OMC members headed out of town yesterday and another group leaves tomorrow. So be sure to stop by our booth to say hello! We love getting to talk with you lovely ladies. And thanks for all the wonderful feedback on items you'd like us to carry. All of it will be passed along to our owners, who ultimately decide what we'll be carrying.

So now let's move into even MORE sneak peeks, our final installment. We've had a blast looking through all the fun new products, haven't you?

Material Girl is a great new pack from Cosmo Cricket. They've got several fun ones coming out, as a matter of fact, like Joy Ride and Garden Variety, as well as some great new chip letters. To see 'em all click here.

We always look forward to see what new goodies Imaginisce has in store. Among others, we happen to know that they've got some great additions coming out for the i-top—some you can see by clicking here—but more will come on that very soon. (Like, soon....) And indeed their new paper is out to impress. Here's two: the Live Loud collection and To Love and Cherish.

Oh, and then Karen Foster has some new fantastic eye-pleasers. Here's a sample of some:

Flutter!!! By Making Memories. Don't you love the name? And concept? Just to show how excited we are, let's add a few more exclamation points: !!!!!!!

Oooh, now My Mind's Eye has some total winners. Raise your hand if you squealed aloud when you took a look at the Lil' Robots collection. Be honest. And then there's Lush, Quite Contrary, and the 10th Anniversary edition of Frame Ups. What fun!

How darling is Sassafrass' new Nerdy Bird? Also pictured are the adorable journal tags from the Cherry Delicious line. Don't we all need a little Sassafrass in our lives?

Had enough? Never, right? Well, we've got one more for ya. SEI has three cutie paper packs that we can't help but adore. Happy Day, Jocelyn and Claire. True beauties, these are.

What about Basic Grey, you ask? Or Fancy Pants? Ah, yes. Well. As they say, patience is a virtue. BUT, if you want to see more sneak peeks, you can: A. Join us on Facebook and check out the selection of sneak peeks we have there. Or B. Here's a great site that lists tons of sneak peeks from tons of companies.

Happy CHA-ing!

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sandalloons44 said...

wow love it all thanks for sharing! Have a great time!


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