Day 7 - Santa's Suit Hand Towel

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Santa's Suit Hand Towel Using Silhouette Fabric Ink
Created by OMC Designer Whitney

Supplies Used:

Silhouette : Fabric Ink (Black and White)
Oh My Crafts Vinyl and Transfer Tape

Hand Towel 

Helpful Tools:
Silhouette : Universal Hook

Foam Brush
EKSuccess : EK Tools : 1” Circle Punch

EKSuccess : EK Tools : Self-Healing Pink Mat

Martha Stewart : Utility Bone Folder

Step 1: Create a stencil with vinyl and apply it to fabric. Use transfer tape to help apply the vinyl if needed.
For the Santa’s suit, cut two 1”x 24” strips of black vinyl and apply them across the bottom of the towel about 2” apart. Also cut three 1” circles out of black vinyl and apply the “negative” to the center of the towel as if they were Santa’s buttons. For the belt, cut a square inside a square and set this aside.

Step 2: Use a foam brush to dab ink onto fabric. Be aware that the paint might seep through the fabric, so add paper behind the project to stop the extra ink.
Step 3: Allow ink to dry completely, remove vinyl stencil, and iron to set the ink.
Step 4: When layering colors, repeat steps. 

Now is when you can layer Santa’s belt. For his belt, I mixed a little black with white to get the gray belt.

CLICK HERE to see all the products used in this project!

Happy crafting!


bumblebee creations said...

what a cute idea!!

Gena said...

I totally LOVE this cute idea!!! Kids would get a kick out of it too! :)

Jean said...

What a cute idea!

Ina said...

Now who wouldn't want one of these in their bathroom or as a super gift for a friend.


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