The handmade engagement

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Handmade Contest!

The options are endless for what you can create in this tournament. Bags, gift boxes, picture frames, wall art, and much much more. No end is in sight.

Pieces will be judged by the editors of Handmade Magazine and the winner guessed publicized on their Web site home page, and possibly publicized in an edition of Handmade Magazine.

Please submit by April 15, 2009
Send to:
123 E. 200 S., Suite C
Lindon, UT 84042

We are looking forward to all of your submissions! May creativity run wild. 
Happy crafting!


Shanna said...

Do we have to send the item? or are you just looking for a picture or two of the item?

ohmycrafts said...

It is preferable that we have the actual item. This is because, if you win, we will need the real item to bring to North Ridge Media, for their photography purposes.


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