Jukebox and Design Studio: BFF

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Cricut Design Studio and Cricut Jukebox go perfectly hand in hand. You know, the whole "two peas in a pod" type of a thing. Many people don't realize how much easier it is to use a Jukebox when the Design Studio tag-teams along with it.

Here's the deal-io: Sure, the Jukebox gives you access to six different cartridges, which is super cool. But the Cricut, even in all it's glory, only has a designated spot for one overlay, which must be switched out continually as you alternate through each of the cartridges connected to the Jukebox.

However, the Design Studio quickly comes to the rescue because it has every cartridge image ever created stored in its software (plus, you can add your own images). With a quick finger-flitter of the keyboard, you can swap back and forth between the Jukebox's cartridges to your hearts' delight. So the software cuts out the tedious task of switching the overlay. And wal-lah, your life gets easier.

And while we're on the Cricut buzz, you're probably going to want to know about all of our amazing end-of-March specials we've got going for some of our way hot cartridges. You'd better believe you won't want to miss out on these! Here's a little gander at what can become yours:

Now get out there with your newfound knowledge and save the world, one craft at a time.

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