A sparkling craft room: No glitter necessary

Friday, March 27, 2009

Has "clean up craft room" been one of your New Year resolutions since 1994? Well, it's understandable, because if there is one thing that's easy to do when crafting, it's making a mess. Oh My Crafts, Inc. is proud to present some sure-fire ways to revamp your crafting room or corner. With these tips, you'll no longer have to spend half a day searching for products for a craft that would have only taken half an hour.

• To begin the process, we boldly profess that you must get rid of unneeded items. Now, we know that this suggestion might be shocking and repulsive for some, but if you haven't used it since 1994, you probably never will.

• Once you've succeeded in throwing at least one item out, make sure everything else has a home. Clutter is kicked away quickly when you provide an enclosed space for all loose items. Oh My Crafts has an array of enclosed storage solutions at absolute affordable prices.

• Next, once you've established a home for everything—and this is important—make sure that at the end of a crafting excursion all items find their way back home. Although it may take a bit of time, it saves loads of time for the next go-around with crafting.

• Little things need little spaces. Don't throw small dies, buttons, brads, small ribbons, etc. into large boxes because another decade could go by before you see them again. The ScrapOnizer really specializes in storing the little guys, along with small crafting tools.

• You'll breath better if your area has some breathing room. To accomplish this, try to get as much as possible off of the floor. Shelves are a great way to solve this problem. But be aware that even if you have shelves, the disorder problem isn't instantly solved. To keep your shelves looking nice and tidy, we recommend storage boxes offered by Karen Foster.

• Label label label! Hey, labeling your storage could even make for a fun crafting side project.

• Another way to keep track of paper, die cuts, cards, etc. is with binders. Binders allow the room to maintain its cleanliness and offer quick access to whatever you need. Check out our Cuttlebug and Slice storage by clicking here.

• For on-the-go crafting, it's important to keep track of all your items. This is easily accomplished with roller bags and totes. They'll keep you conveniently organized, AND Oh My Crafts offers some of the most stylish bags and totes on the market! Crafting meets chic with these bring-alongs.

So this should get you started. You're well on your way to having your room shipshape within the next five years—just kidding. For more ideas and articles on organizing your work space, visit here.

Have any other ideas? Post your organizational tips and we'll let everyone know!

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