Zutter—Twenty-four zeven!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesterday we told you that all Zutter accessories were 20-40% off at Oh My Crafts. We scouted out several project ideas (on zutteruzisters.com) using all Zutter to give you an idea of just how fun the Zutter can be! You'll love these.

These two cutes come from designer Claire Labigne's portfolio. Adorable!

Here's some darling ideas Jennifer Priest has:

How amazing are these???
Here's more from designers Jenny Svensson, Julie Ann Kelly and Nan Paturzo. These ladies definitely know how to get their Zutter on!

Naturally, these are just a few tidbits that Zutter has to offer. To see more brilliant ideas, and from other designers, you can naturally go to their site. We spent hours looking through all their talented portfolios. Also, Oh My Crafts is offering a Zutter project idea book! It's a wonderful asset to have! It features project ideas from designers like Jennifer Priest and others! Check it out today! Happy National Scrapbook Day!

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