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Monday, August 3, 2009

We like to think of the Making Memories Slice Portable Cutter as a trusted friend: someone who is always going to be there. And it can be everywhere you are, because it doesn't even weigh two pounds! (Which—c'mon ladies, that's lighter than the average woman's purse!)

It's positively perfect for the casual crafter! Unlike most other die cutting machines—when updates come out for the Slice—there's no need to have to go out and buy another. You just upload the new frills and thrills onto the machine you already have. How's that for a breath of fresh air? 

So ask yourself: Do I enjoy making cards? Is scrapbooking my thing? Do I want the freedom to head to a crop at the drop of a hat? If you answered "yes indeed" to any of these, then the Slice just might be your new BFF. It certainly has been making a lot of friends lately due to its portable characteristic. And by the way—it's cordless.

Here's a great tutorial of a project that you'll love making!

To celebrate our love for Slice—we're naturally offering a great deal for the Machine Starter Kit. AND—have you seen the new design cards that are available for pre-order? Check them out on our site! 

To learn more about the Slice, take a few short minutes to watch this Slice overview.

Want to learn more about today's hottest topics and watch video tutorials? Visit our YouTube Channel! We've got a great selection to browse through.

See you next time!

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JanS said...

After seeing those TV ads about the Cricut I wanted one. I thought it would be great to use to cut out shapes for quilting. Then I saw the prices of the darn things. I'll stick to my scissors and rotary cutter.


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