Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The snow sure has been coming down in Utah today—as it has in many parts of the country the last few weeks. And we just had our Winter Solstice, so perhaps that's quite fitting then. Winter can sometimes be a pain—especially for those trying to travel right around the holidays. BUT, winter can be pretty fun sometimes too—and it lends itself to some pretty neat scrapbook layouts. Let's focus on that for now, shall we?

These are pages we've found from our favorite sites, using some of our favorite products.

Here's an Imaginisce layout utilizing the i-top, which is a perfect way to add embellishments to most anything:

And a great Cricut layout with Accent Essentials and Opposites Attract:

And another with Accent Essentials, Storybook, and Solutions: Home Accents:

And here's a combo Cricut and Cuttlebug design. A true beauty, isn't it? View more great ideas on the Provo Craft site.

Here's another lovely layout, from Bazzill:

And to wrap up today's post, we'll leave you with a Fancy Pants design because they're always great to give fun layout ideas. View more great designs on their site.

So there ya go, friends. Happy snowball fights.

And P.S. Have you heard about Bazzzinga? Yeah that's right. Three z's. Check out what the buzz is all about.

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