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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hmmm...so perhaps that last post was a little precocious. Since then, mother nature decided to dump a whole new load of snow on us here in Utah, spoiling any and all bouts of spring fever. Darn.

Oh well. At least we can still look at those cheerful cards in hopes that Spring will return eventually. And glad to hear that so many of you liked them too!

Well for those of you who did read our post on Wednesday, OR who receive our e-mail ads, then you know we're moving to a new home. (And YOU get to benefit with HUGE savings all weekend! Enter MOVE20 at checkout for 20% off EVERYTHING! How's that for the whole kit and caboodle? Head over to shop now!)

We're hoping that as early as next week we can put down our roots on our new turf. And boy are we excited! It's going to be a castle compared to where we are now. Here's a little glimpse of what we're leaving behind. Feel free to be amazed by the...er...primitiveness of our current dwelling place for the last year or so. Not to mention the fact that everyone steps on everyone's toes since it's been so cramped. It'll be nice to have some breathing room.

These first pictures feature the outside of our warehouse/bungalow, with the little doohickey we use to transport packages from the upstairs to the ground, and vice versa. We've often joked about how much cooler the whole place would look—if it were on a port in Seattle somewhere. Don't you think so too?

Aaaaaaand, the inside. In all its glory.

So needless to say, some partings are easier than others. And wait til you see our new place—it's quite the looker. (Pictures to come soon!) The new abode will be much more accommodating to our needs. Which in turn will help us SERVE YOU BETTER! Hooray for improvements, right?

So before we wish you well for your weekend, we'd just like to show off one of the awesome projects our lucky crafters in Spokane, WA are going to be working on in a few weeks, when our Craft Bus rolls into town. These are Sizzix gift boxes using Graphic 45's awesome new pack Le' Romantique. They'll also be creating adorable matching tags, however we'd rather keep you in suspense about those. And guess who else is going to be there???

Yes yes, exciting things are taking place at OMC.

Happy crafting!

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beverlyd said...

even if its cramped and and could be better, I just wanted to let you know, you have done an awesome job with what you had!! my orders have always come to me quickly and they have never been wrong!! Thank you!!

~welcome to your new "home"


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