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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Check out what's new to Oh My Crafts: The new i-rock collection from Imaginisce!

And what is the i-rock you say?  It's a battery operated tool (3 AA batteries) that will permanently affix rhinestones, jewels, pearls, or mirrors to paper, fabric, or even furniture! It is so easy to use, the possibilities really are endless for this tool. Even better, is that there is no need for messy glue. 

It's so easy, even your husband can use it!

Check out these Simple Instructions:

1. Use jewel-setter stick or tweezers to place gem/studs in place with adhesive side down.
2. Holding the Tool perpendicular to the gem/stud, touch top of embellishment lightly, letting heat penetrate to melt adhesive on back.

3. When the point is on the embellishment, you can "feel" the adhesive melt. That "feel" tells you that it is time to remove the point from the gem/stud.

i-rock Tips:

1.Do not apply excess pressure to the Tool while on the embellishments. let the heat from the tool do the work.
2. Different surfaces, including fabrics, will require various lengths of time for embellishments to adhere securely. Always test first.
3. STUDS...they set the fastest and if you press down to hard the glue will gush
out the sides and it doesn't dry clear. We would recommend only heating those for about 3 seconds and do NOT press down on tip/stud.

(Please make sure you read ALL of the instructions before using the i-rock tool. You can find them included with the i-rock tool or HERE)

There are so many cool ways to use the i-rock in the crafting world. Check out some of these projects from Imaginisce!

Everybody’s dying to know “How do you make these stunning designs?” But you and I know the magic is a stencil… perfect placement every time!  OMC offers three unique stencils: Frames, Flowers, and Swirls!

Great thing about "heat setting" the gems is they don't fall off your page as easily as other traditional adhesive backed gems and you don't have the mess of trying to glue them in place.

Here's a video from Imaginisce with a demo on how to use the i-rock tool and embellishments to make a super cute Butterfly Card!


This awesome new tool is just the thing to put a little flair and style in your projects!  You can find all of the products in the i-rock collection HERE!

Join us Thursday on Facebook for a Q&A with Imaginisce!  We will have a discussion about the i-rock - anything and everything you want to know about what it is and what it does! Be there! Thursday @ 2:30 MST! 

Happy Rockin'! 

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Sweetpz said...

oh i can't wait to use my i-rock! i'm waiting as patiently for it to come in the mail! hehee

thanks for the tutorial!


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