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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Halloween is just around the corner and we here at OMC are already getting our spook on!  Here are some festive and scary ideas from some of our favorite vendors.

First we have a treat box from Provo Craft! Now which sounds better - a Twix or a Snickers... Hmm...

Halloween Candy Desk Crate
 Created By: Camille Robinson
 Time to Do: One Hour
 Level: Intermediate

This festive treat container is a great way to decorate for the holidays! 

1. Cut patterned papers to fit crate. Adhere to crate. Cut a piece of chipboard to fit bottom of crate. Adhere patterned paper to chipboard. Place piece at bottom of crate so candy does not fall out.
2. Edge crate with paint.
3. Cut title. Open DesignStudio software to a new 12" x 12" mat. Using Opposites Attract cartridge, select Opposite Happy Halloween twice. Weld letters next to each other, making an 11.323" x 1.638" border. Copy and paste border under first border. Select Multi Cut function and cut borders from very thin chipboard. Deselect Multi Cut function, insert Cricut Color ink, and write borders on the polka dot patterned paper. Remove ink and cut borders from polka dot patterned paper. Adhere patterned paper to chipboard base. feature and spell
4. Add another page to project. Using default font on Opposites Attract, spell trick and weld letters together. Word should be 4.515" x 0.812" when complete. Spell treat and weld letters together. Word should be 4.576" x 0.541" when complete. Insert Cricut Color ink and write words on brown cardstock. Remove pen and cut words.
5. Add another page to project. Using Plantin SchoolBook cartridge, select Tall Ball feature and size to 11" x 1.779". Copy and paste image under first image. Cut page from blue cardstock. Cut page again from orange cardstock.
6. Add another page to project. Select and size to 1.25" x 1.25". You will need 16 circles of this size. Cut page from brown cardstock.
7. Emboss circles using Cuttlebug machine and Boo To You! embossing folder.
8. Adhere scallops together to create one large border big enough to fit around crate. Distress border by crumpling. Adhere to crate as shown. Continue to distress scallops by tearing up bottoms of scallops if desired. Adhere yellow ribbon at top seam of scalloped border.
9. Adhere embossed circles to scallops.
10. Adhere Happy Halloween borders just above yellow ribbon on front and back of crate.
11. Adhere trick and treat to left and right sides of crate.
What you will need.
Provo Craft Supplies
  • Cricut Expression™ Personal Electronic Cutter [29-0300]
  • Cricut® Plantin SchoolBook™ cartridge [29-0390]
  • Cricut Opposites Attract Cartridge [29-0227]
  • Cricut DesignStudio™ software [29-0500]
  • Cuttlebug® Die Cutter and Embosser [37-1051]
  • Cuttlebug Boo To You! embossing folder [37-1903]
  • Cricut Color™ Basic Brown Ink [29-0420]
Other Supplies
  • Patterned paper: polka dot, others as desired
  • Cardstock: brown, orange, blue
  • Ribbon: yellow
  • CD crate
  • White acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Chipboard (very thin)
  • Paper trimmer and scissors
  • Adhesive

Next up we have a spooky layout from Provo Craft!

Whooo's My Little Pumpkin Layout
 Created By: Melissa Phillips
 Time to Do: 1 hour
 Level: Intermediate
Create a festive page to remember Halloween.
1. Use one 8 ½" x 11" sheet white cardstock as layout base. Cut one block of black glittered cardstock to fit just below center. Adhere in place.
2. Cut a strip of striped cardstock to fit just below bottom edge of black glittered cardstock. Scallop a strip of black patterned cardstock using jumbo scallop scissors and adhere to bottom edge of striped cardstock. Adhere a strip of ribbon along top edge of striped cardstock. Tie a bow with another piece and attach on left edge. Embellish with flowers and rhinestones. Adhere to layout at shown.
3. Cut owl (see page 34). Using Storybook cartridge and green patterned cardstock, select Fancy/Corner feature and cut one 1 ½" . Repeat cut using black glittered cardstock. Cut black glittered owl off of tree and adhere onto green tree.
4. Arrange photographs as shown and adhere to layout. Adhere owl and tree to layout as shown. Embellish owl with rhinestones.
5. Cut WHOOOS. Using black cardstock, cut 1 ½" letters to spell WHOOOS. Using green patterned paper, cut thee 1 ½" o’s. Reserve center to embellish black letters. Adhere WHOOOS to layout as shown. Embellish two o’s with small goggle eyes.
6. Cut PUMPKIN. Using green patterned cardstock, cut 1 ½" letters to spell PUMPKIN. Adhere to layout as shown.
7. Cut my. Using Opposites Attract cartridge and black cardstock, cut ½" letters to spell my. Adhere to layout as shown. Attach alphabet stickers to spell little.
What you will need.
Provo Craft Supplies
Other Supplies
  • Cardstock: white, black glittered, striped, black patterned, green patterned, black
  • Ribbon
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Craft flowers: black glitter
  • Rhinestones: purple
  • Jumbo scalloped scissors
  • Goggle eyes
  • Adhesive

And what about some cute gift bags for those Halloween parties?  These bags from Sizzix are just the right amount of trick and treat!


Spooky Treat Bag 
Arstist: Deena Ziegler

Looking for a take-home from your Halloween party? Fill this Spooky Treat Bag with more sugary goodies.

Mat Patterned Paper on Cardstock and attach to bag. Emboss Cardstock, sand to reveal pattern and attach to bag. Embellish with glitter glue. Place candy in bag. Wrap several pieces of ribbon around bag and tie in a knot. Add Buttons to bag.

And last but not least, a fall card from Sizzix!

Fall Bats Card 
Artist: Debi Adams

Celebrate Halloween in spooktacular style! With this cute Fall Bats Card, you've got yet another detail covered for your next Halloween bash. Sizzix eclips cartridges make all your decorative projects your style by allowing you to personalize fun ideas like this one.

Create a card base out of Cardstock and Patterned Paper. Use a sewing machine to add stitching detail around patterned paper on card front. Cut Bat #2 and Phrase, Fall out of cardstock using the Eclips Machine and Seasonal Cartridge. Embellish the Phrase, Fall cut-outs with Glitter. Adhere cut-outs to card front. Embellish with ribbon, a paper doily and Buttons.

Happy hauntings!


Chris Wooten said...

The measurements and instructions to make the desk top crate, if you have it please

do you know what the exact measurements of the base crate are?

Thanks loyal customer and fan

Michelle said...

What great projects thanks for sharing.


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