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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I am so happy to have been chosen for this spot in your Customer Spotlight! I have been a seamstress for 43 years since I was 11 years old I have been sewing my own garments and I had always been meticulous about documenting my photo albums long before "SCRAPBOOKING" became popular in 1997 was when it reached Canada. I have been creating scrapbook albums since then and my only tools that I had back then were Rubber Stamps, Stencils for tracing and cutting the photos and mats, and those Decorative Scissors (Gotta love those things) . I have also done Paper Tole, Tole Painting, Macrmae, Ceramics, some jewlery making and card making.... but my passion is Scrapbooking. I also taught scrapbooking for 3 years and have conquered the technique for making Tear Bears and their clothing. In fact I have perfected the creation of them to a level of perfection. I am a perfectionist in all that I do from housework to my beloved scrapbook pages and cards. 

Since I live on a small island in Canada called Prince Edward Island I am limited to the access of scrapbooking supplies here and the nearest Craft Supply store from me is a Michael's Craft store which is a 60 mile car ride one way. So I am so thrilled that I can now sit at my computer at any time of the day or night and the supplies that I desire and need the most is only a click away. Oh My Crafts has become my main source for my supplies and always has the best deals on Cricut Cartridges. I have been known to give their website info to customers in the Michael's Craft stores who have been buying Cricut Cartridges. Sorry Michael's but we have to be loyal to our own check books and I can get 3 and sometimes 4 cartridges at OMC for the price of 1 at this retailer. I also love the fact that I get these items delivered right to my front door. The only thing I really need for these items some times is Patience!!! I have purchased everything from OMC from my cricut cartridges, to dies , to the famous Cinch Machine, and my newest additions are my addiction to the Tim Holtz destressing inks. My dream is to be on one of their cruises some day and I would love to be able to teach a class on one of these cruises. 

Thank you OMC for this opportunity to be in your Customer Spotlight and Thank you for supplying all us crafters with the products and the prices that we all love and can't resist. Your Customer Service is also second to none and you are one of the companies who truly do stand behind your products and services. I am responsible for adding several Canadians to your list of customers as I sing your praises and pass along your webiste info to everyone and I am the reason for my daughter, my step-daughter and several friends purchasing from your company.
A very Loyal and Addicted Customer,
Brenda Gallant

We asked Brenda the following questions to get to know her crafting style!

1.  What do you craft? Cardmaker, scrapbooker, etc.  I do both but Scrapbooking is my passion!

2.  Favorite technique or tool you use? MY favorite tool is my Cricut Machine, My enlarged cartridge library, my inks and chalks. I love Prima Flowers and  love Bling!

3.  How long have you been crafting? Since I was about 12 years old. I have been scrapbooking for the past 13 years and I usually scrapbook daily!

4.  How long have you been an OMC customer? For the past 3 years. One day I will add up my reciepts (which I have kept everyone) and they will dictate just how often I shop with OMC! I love to shop with this company!

5.  What are your favorite products you can find at OMC? I would have to say the Cricut Cartridges. But I also love the Tim Holtz inks and refills and I have been expanding my collection of these!!

6.  What is your favorite thing about OMC? I really LOVE their prices and the 20% coupon. It is really a bonus.  Their CUSTOMER SERVICE is SECOND to none!! They have great customer service!!

7. Favorite quote or phrase? I would have to say my favorite quote is .... "There is a Princess in every girl" and my most favorite one is .... "Always believe in your dreams".

Check out some of Brenda's projects!

WOW! Thank you Brenda for all you create and for being such a fabulous customer!  

Curious how YOU could become our next OMC Customer Spotlight?  Email us at with Customer Spotlight in the title to find out how!


meanolemom said...

Wow, what great artwork! It's nice to "meet" you Brenda. By the way, those bears are too darn cute!

Kerry--Momma K said...

Does Brenda have a blog I would love to see more of her work?
I remember when I first got my cricut last year and I was so excited when Michael's had carts on sale for $50, then I found OMC and have never looked back. I am Canadian too.

GreenScrap said...

That is sooo great, does she have a blog? She is amazing and so creative. She sooo deserves her spotlight!!

Brenda Gallant said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I was so thrilled when I got the original email. Yes those bears are a lot of work but I love them. I have sold these kind of layouts on Ebay in the past but now I think it is time to create my own blog and expand my business!!

danette said...

I love the bear cute. Would love to know if she baught them or made them(and if so how). I wish Iwas as dedicated, and tallented on layouts, as you are Brenda. I have more supplies than most people, yet I never make the time to do what I love. My hat goes off to you for being so dediated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Danette for your kind comments. I make those bears from scratch! I have created my own patterns for them and they are made with a special mulberry paper. I self trained myself to make these bears to perfection. There is about 2-2.5 hours in each one from start to finish. SOmetimes a bit longer with the clothing since most of the clothing pieces are hand drawn, hand cut, chalked and inked by me!
When you mention supplies... I should send you pics of my studio! I have more supplies that I will ever live long enough to use I am sure!!I erally appriciate all these comments from all you fellow scrapbookers! Thank you for all your kind comments!

Renee said...

Thank you for introducing us to Brenda. Oh, Brenda, I love your double page spreads! 'Really nice. Thanks so much for sharing!

Kinda Krafty said...

WOW....this is just too awesome..I am from PEI, too...!! Love your tear bears, Brenda... :)

I'm from "up West"... where are you..?
P.S. I have the same feelings about Michaels...a major reason I love shopping here.... hee hee

Amy K said...

Beautifully designed layouts!
Thanks for spotlighting Brenda - and it's nice to get to know you.

Brenda Gallant said...

Hi Kinda Krafty,
Thank you for your comments and I am in Summerside! Not that far away from you!

Anonymous said...

Loved the layouts. The bears
are adorable.
Brenda...if you ever get to teach
on a cruise...I hope I am on there
too. Great work and so glad they
picked you for the spotlight.
Gladys R.

Kathy said...

Love your work! You layouts are absolutely beautiful! You should definitely start a blog. I'd be a follower for sure! Thanks OMC for introducing Brenda!

Brenda Gallant said...

Thanks Kathy.. Creating my own blog is in the very near future. Please semd me an email @ and I will add you to my contact list and I will let you know when it is up and running.
Have a gerat day and thank you for your kind comments.

Amber said...

Love your work, especially the Kick Up Your Heels!! And I also agree that you need a blog!

reatelier said...

Hi Brenda!!
i loved your work and hope to see your blog one day!!
It was very nice to meet you today!!
All the best!!


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