Pink Giveaway Winner!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Can we just say wow?  There are some truly inspirational women in this world.  We absolutely loved reading all of your stories.  It is amazing how much the human spirit can go through and still be so strong!  

We want to thank all of you for helping raise awareness and for being supportive of those who have or have had breast cancer.  We want to continue to do all we can to help find the cure!

The winner of our pink album contest last Friday is Jamie!

"My story is about my Momma. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 54. She is now 56. I remember the day she told me she had breast cancer. I have never felt my heart ache so much in my life. I felt so helpless! My family and I were determined to help her get through this the best we could. We relied on the Lord, friends and a lot of prayers. We were a close family before her diagnosis, but now we are much closer. My Dad and I participated in the Breast Cancer 3 day the first year she was diagnosed. My husband and I did it last year together. As I write this today, the Breast Cancer 3 day is going on in Atlanta. Instead of doing it this year, I am taking a trip with just my Momma to the mountains. We will, in a way, be celebrating all that she has been through. She is my hero and my inspiration! She is now cancer free and enjoying life to the fullest. My family and I are doing all we can to MAKE PINK JUST ANOTHER COLOR!!!"

Jamie, please send your shipping address to so we can send you the pink album.

Let us all strive to make pink just another color and help find a cure!


Ashleigh said...


Deb Williams said...

congrats Jamie. Your story is truly heartwarming.

Scrappin with the bug said...

Jamie, congrats on winning and really huge CONGRATS to your mom for being a fighter and survivor.


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