Graduation Contest WINNER!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thanks to everyone for sharing your graduation stories with us. We loved reading the stories whether funny, serious, or inspirational!

The winner of this contest is Melissa Dunham!

Melissa said...

"I received my degree 2 weeks ago at the age of 45. I did it while raising a family and going back full time after being laid off from a part time job. While doing this I was on the deans list every semester and was a member of Phi Thetta Kappa. I am now a very proud mom who has a college degree. While going back this last year my youngest daughter has been struggling in high school. She finally managed to bring all her grades up and as I was telling her I was proud of her she said "mom I'm proud of you too!" We did a high 5 to each other."

Congrats Melissa! Please send your shipping information to to claim your prize.


Thanks again everyone and happy crafting!


Mrs Ham said...

Congratulation Melissa on winning this contest and on getting your degree.

Joan V said...

Congratulations Melissa on getting your degree. And congrats on winning this contest. Have a happy day.

Melissa D said...

Thanks Everyone. I can't wait to get the layout and scrap my success. I haven't been able to scrapbook for 2 years while working on my degree except for a couple of ways to work it into school assignments. What a way to get started back on my hobby.


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