4th of July Party Utensil Wraps!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sometimes it’s the little things that friends remember from a party—the attention to detail that makes all the difference. These simple and quick wraps for utensils make it super easy for your guests to go through a buffet line. It’s a perfect project to involve your kids with the party preparations.

Supplies Used:

Oh My Crafts Vinyl : Ruby Glitter & Silver Flake, White Vinyl
My Minds Eye: American Made Collection Pack
Provo Craft: Any cartridge that has a star shape like George or Simply Sweet


1. Cut a strip of printed-paper 1½ x 4 inches. Repeat for number needed.
2. Cut a star from cartridge approximately 1½ inches (size depends on style of star chosen). Use a blade depth setting of 4 with max speed and low pressure.
3. Weed around stars (remove excess vinyl).
4. Wrap paper around napkin and utensils and seal with star.

If desired, wraps can be glued or taped together and then the star can be placed in the center of the wrap away from the seam.

Happy crafting!

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