On the big day, it's the nitty-gritty details that count

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last week we presented some innovative craft ideas for weddings. We focused on novel "guest book" ideas. (To re-read, click here.) However, there's more wedding planning that can be left up to the craftiness of your minds and hands! And really, it's the teeny details that tie your entire wedding together—not to mention give a little relief to your budget. Basically, if you plan carefully and think brilliantly, you can pull off a stunning look throughout the entire reception, and you just might have guests wondering just how much you spent on the whole shabang. It'll be our little secret.

The first thing to pinpoint is how you can dress up the decorations with simple, yet classy crafts. Let's start with the basics.


This may sound insane, but the creative crafter can even make stunning paper floral arrangements. We found this paper bouquet on Wedding Bee. Yep, you read it right: bouquets made out of paper. All you need is some good paper (tissue paper is great!) and a good collection of flower die-cuts and you're well on your way. You can even fashion the smell of real flowers with a little spritz of perfume across the paper. Think of the money you can save with that route!

Other than flowers, what else can you do for your table centerpieces? The options are endless, really. It just takes some creativity. One popular idea in recent years has been using candy for the main focal point on tables.

This chic candy look comes from a blog we found: Little White Book. Instead of (or along with) the sweet sent of flowers...entertain your gifts with the sweet taste of goodies. This can be done quite nice when you choose your candies based off of the colors of your wedding. Then, with just the right ribbon, you've got yourself a beautiful look with a totally new attitude. Check out the ribbon selection at Oh My Crafts!

Here are some more ideas for table decorations:

Embellish your cake table! The craftier the better! This was a look we found on Wedding Bee.

Seating Placards

Make the name tags! These name tags are from Chocolate Mango. You'll have fun doing it too! Oh My Crafts has a wonderful selection of wedding scrapbook paper—and it's on sale today too, in our anticipation for National Scrapbook Day! Also, to help this task, you'll want to check out our Cuttlebug embossing folders and dies. We've also got the perfect assortment of embellishments to get the job done.

Now this is fancy! These seating arrangements, which we found on Project Wedding, are designated with an etched mirror! This could be a fun idea if you are hosting a smaller, more intimate luncheon or dinner for perhaps an exclusive group of people (like the fam). Oh, and vinyl could work just wonderfully!

Here are some more thoughts on ways to take your wedding up a notch or two with beautiful crafted, home made items. Remember, it's the detail that makes all the difference!

A unique look from Wedding Bee.

Here's an idea! Get crafty with your reception programs! These beautiful programs come from Project Wedding.

This amazing picture comes from the Next Exit Photography site. It's a good idea to identify certain foods or drinks. AND another way to tie in the look of your wedding with a crafty and sophisticated touch.

Cupcakes are BIG these days. And with the Sizzix cupcake holders, you've got yourself a darling look.

Here are some beautiful embellishments for candles—all made with the Cricut Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge!

When choosing your own decorations and adornments, the look is solely up to you. And since there are infinite amounts of color and paper and design opportunities, your wedding reception will be irreplaceably one-of-a-kind. So get your bridesmaids together, pull out that crafting paper and let the creativity run wild!

Stay tuned for tips on party favors, cards, invitations and more!

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