Scrapbook Day—here we come!

Friday, April 24, 2009

We're 8 days out from National Scrapbooking Day. For those of us at Oh My Crafts, the partying has already begun. Today we're kicking off our weekend Cricut sale! Anything Cricut—we've got it...and you're sure to find it for a great deal.

Here's some especially cute project ideas we found from Provo Craft, using the Cricut.

Indie Arts cartridge, Street Sign cartridge

Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, Walk in My Garden cartridge, Doodletype cartridge

Celebrations cartridge, Accent Essentials cartridge

Mickey and Friends cartridge, Mickey Font cartridge

Lastly, we highly suggest making National Scrapbooking Day a party that lasts all week. That's undoubtedly what we plan on doing. Heck, make it last all year! Here's a few more ways to celebrate:
Work on your contest submissions for Oh My Crafts! (That's right...we've extended the deadline indefinitely!)
Donate a few scrapbook items to a scrapbooker in need!
If you work this coming Saturday—take the day off (or off early, at least!) This is your day!! Send the kids to the neighbor so you can really get to work.
Write a letter to Congress requesting this day be recognized as a National Holiday (but only if you're really bored. Which you shouldn't be with all that crafting you've got to get to...)
Ooooh! Oooh! Here's a good one: Sign yourself up for the October 2009 Oh My Crafts Canada/New England crafting cruise!
And finally, after you're signed up and sitting pretty with our cruise, do a little shopping on our site for those crafting items that you need. Naturally, we don't recommend waiting until Saturday—we've got deals planned for the entire week! These savings are so superb your bank account won't even realize you spent any money!
Happy weekend, and happy Cricuting!

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