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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It snowed today in Utah. Some are happy about it. Others feel mother nature could've held off a little longer. But what can ya' do? So, in honor of the flaky freezing specks falling from the sky, we're gonna bring you a little Christmas cheer today. Yep—before Halloween. Is that breaking a cardinal sin? Well, you can decide after you see these amazing cards by none other than our amazing customers!!

So, as a bit of background, while we were on our fun cruise a few weeks ago, some of the ladies got together for a card exchange. And these cards were the result. We find them bursting with talent and beauty. So take a look.


KanataNewf said...

Obviously some very talented people were on the cruise!

Dee said...

What was that beautiful card made with the one at the very bottom of the list that looks like a spiral green with a red bird in the tree, absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

2 Worlds said...

Do you guys have a gallery?

Amy Cloud said...

Hi Dee ... the card mentioned is mine! It is made with the Cricut and Lyrical Letters ... who would have thought there would be a cute Christmas tree & cardinal on an alphabet cartridge! Amy Cloud


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