We quickly became friends

Friday, March 12, 2010

So... perhaps you've heard about our Bus Tour.

Perhaps you haven't.

But word is spreading quickly, that's for sure.

Well we're gearing up for another excursion in just a few short weeks, this time northwest-ward. We can't wait to mingle with our Spokane peeps!

And remember when we gave a little sneak peek of one of the projects we'd be working on? *at the bottom of the post* And THEN we hinted that someone else was going to be there. Someone else super cool and super knowledgeable on the crafting industry.

Perhaps you've heard. Perhaps you haven't.

So who is it??? This video should really let the cat out of the bag—that is—if you didn't know already. We ran into this certain someone at CHA, and became fast friends. Give it a looksie:

That's right!

We're hosting Stacy Julian, of Big Picture Scrapbooking on March 23rd in Spokane, WA!

And she is just so much fun to be around. Watching the video most likely made that pretty obvious. So if you're anywhere near the area, you do not want to miss this.

Other highlights include classes taught by our very own Lindsey Fillmore and Sandy Cottle, our OMC Creative Director!

You want more info, don't you? Well, just give this a little clicksy: Spokane Tour.

Happy weekend! And happy crafting!

P.S. Like this video tutorial? View tons more on our YouTube channel!

...And...stay tuned for pictures of our AWESOME new warehouse. You won't believe how great this place is.


In the blink of an eye said...

How fun wish I could be there, or you even come to colorado, I just moved back but maybe some day I will know enough people and we can get you to come here. Thanks for sharing

dizzy said...

i love love the machine my bia has defo been made reduntant now this works so much better just the fact that your card is lay flat and you have upto 12 holes and that you can pull out the tabs so you dont punch other holes just thought out so much better great vid jayne xxx


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