Spiders made with the Eclips Pen Holder

Friday, September 23, 2011

Spiders made with the Eclips Pen Holder Created by OMC Designer Whitney

Specially designed for use with the Sizzix Eclips Machine, the Eclips Pen Holder replaces the standard Blade Holder to accommodate any felt tip or ball point pen to draw a shape. It is such a fun way to add that little extra something to your images.

Supplies Used:
Sizzix eclips Accessory : PEN HOLDER

Sizzix eclips Cartridge

Pen, Marker, or Glue Pen

Step 1: Cut out image with Eclips Machine
With Eclips press the Pop-up Menu and set to Center Point. 

     - TIP: The Center Point feature lets you cut an image and then takes the blade back to the “center point” so it will draw the image in the same position.
     - For a video describing the center point feature: click here

Press Cut.
     - This spider was cut out of heavy cardstock at 2 ½”.

Step 2: Draw
Replace the cutting blade housing with the pen holder.
     - For PDF Pen Holder Instructions click here

Set the Materials Option to Pen Holder and specify whether you’re using a marker, ball pt, or glue pen.  

    - Tip: You can also do this through the Pop-up Menu.
     - Warning: If you do not change this setting it may damage the tip of your pen because the settings for cutting apply more pressure than for drawing.
Keep the setting at Center Point.
Press “Cut” (and it will draw).
These spiders show two different ways to use the pen holder.
     1) With a marker. This spider was drawn with an American Crafts Metallic Silver Marker.
     2) With a glue pen. This spider was drawn with Quickie Glue Pen and then sprinkled with Elizabeth Craft Design Glitter.

Step 3: Apply
Peel off your spider from the mat and apply to a card or gift box.
     - The paper used in these projects is K & Company: KELLY PANACCI HALLOWEEN 12X12 SPECIALTY PAPER PAD

     - The trim was made from Martha Stewart’s: Punch Around The Page : SPIDERWEB

     - The gift box was made with Sizzix eclips Cartridge : ALBUMS, BAGS & BOXES

     - The spider is from Sizzix eclips Cartridge : HALLOWEEN & SCAREDY CAT

Happy crafting!


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