Helpful Hints for Wood Designs!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OMC Designer Jill put together this list of helpful hints that are good to know when working with the new OMC Wood Design shapes!

We are finding that wood crafting is new to many of our customers so we thought we would give you a few little tips to help you be more comfortable with this brand new, fun and exciting craft!

- One of the easiest and funnest ways to decorate the wood is with paper. There are literally thousands of patterns that you can choose from. Most crafters have stacks of papers already in their craft rooms. Although I personally feel you can NEVER have enough paper!

- To begin with, simply trace around your letter or shape and cut out. Do this before you stain or paint so that no stain or ink accidentally gets on your paper!

- One of the most important things to remember is to
stain or paint the sides of your wood before gluing down your paper. It is extremely difficult once you have adhered your paper on to the wood to then go back and stain or paint the sides. The paper will always be in the way!

- Adhere your paper to the wood using Mod Podge. I have found that too little dries too fast and too much tends to make the paper bubble. So practice with the different amounts!

- Once the paper is adhered it is extremely important to press out all bubbles and let it dry. A lot of times I will use a brayer to really make sure I get it down well!

- Quite often there is a small amount of paper that will be hanging over the edges. I simply take a large nail file and sand the edges pulling down away from the paper. This takes of the excess and also distresses the edges. You can do as little or as much as you want!

- I love to use an Inkssentials blending tool and the Tim Holtz Distress Inks to ink the edges of the paper. Sometimes I think “maybe I won’t ink the edges this time” but when I do I am always much happier with the way it looks. It’s kind of like the ink just gives the project that extra little pop!

- To finish off the project I will give it another coat of
Mod Podge. It is very important to make sure that first coat of Mod Podge under the paper is dry before applying the top coat! I have found that this lessens any bubbling as well!

- Don't forget to embellish with any of the numerous embellishments that we have available. Some of my favorites are Prima Flowers, Stickles, or our new crafting wire soon to be on our website!

Happy Wood Crafting!!

- Jill

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