Memorial Day Giveaway

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to Enter:
Leave a comment about your military or public service hero and which branch of service they were in. What did or do they do to inspire you? How would you memorialize their service?

We'll select a comment for each branch of the military and public service areas to receive a FREE Uniformed Scrapbooks of America Album and Paper Pack! We have albums for the following areas of service:

  • Coast Guard
  • Marine Desert
  • Marine Woodland
  • Navy Crackerjack
  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Fire
  • Police

Contest Starts: Wednesday, May 23rd @ 12:01 AM
Contest Ends: Monday, May 27th @ 11:59 PM

Winners will be announced on Memorial Day - Monday, May 28th!

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Happy crafting!


Megan Wadsworth said...

My husband is second generation Army, so my hero is his father. He just retired with 30 years dedicated to service in the Army. He spent a lot of that time instructing and training soldiers, creating leaders who teach my husband and his peers to be good leaders and soldiers. I would love to help my mother in law make a scrapbook for him to summarize his time of service!

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness.... I would love to have the Army album. My dad was in WWII and I have recently found info and pics regarding his journey....starting with the Battle of Normandy....

Kim said...

My Dad was a career man in the Army. He began as a soldier during WWII and worked his way up to Colonel in the early 1970's when he retired. He gave his all to his country through all the wars and conflicts of the time. I am so proud of him, and his love and loyalty for this country. It has influenced for the good, the love my children have for this country! He passed away some 17 years ago from a malady we suspect was related to his service in Vietnam, in the Supply Depot in Saigon. To memorialize him, I would finally put together an album of all his pictures that I inherited when Mom passes away 2 years ago.

Regina aka Mrs. Ham said...

My military heros are my late father-in-laws (my hubby's father and step-father). My hubby's was one of the 1st African American Special Forces officers. Her served 2 tours in Vietnam. My hubby's step-father was a member of the 555 who were African American Paratroopers, he served in the Korean war. I would love to scrapbooks to commerate their service.

Carla said...

My husband, Phil, served in the Air Force in Vietnam as a weapon loader. He loaded bombs and other weapons on the planes and sent out rescue planes.

He is a wonderful man and makes me a better woman just being himself.

Carla from Utah

lupe martinez said...

my military hero is my husband mike martinez. he served in the marine corps during the vietnam war. he was wounded during battle and received a purple heart which he proudly wears. his love of family, God, and his country shows in the examples he sets for his children and grandchildren. unselfish dedication, service, and self-sacrifice are words he lives by everyday. Semper Fi!

sopranoannie said...

My family and my husband's family have had a long tradition of serving in the military. At the beginning of our life together, my husband was an officer in the USAF. My current hero is my nephew John, who will graduate this weekend from West Point. John is my hero because he symbolizes the fine young men and women who have chosen to protect our future. John has made a conscious choice to protect and defend our nation. I'd like to put together a scrapbook of all the family military heroes and include John as the latest member of this brave and dedicated group.

puffinliz said...

I have two heroes: my father and my husband. This is my third marriage and I finally married a Navy man. My dad is retired Navy and it turned out my husband and father were both on ships during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Different ships but at the same time! Turns out my husband I have been crossing paths for years, from coast to coast.

Rachel Adams said...

My husband had just returned from Afghanistan due to the death our daughter in Feb. 6, 2012. My husband has sacrificed so much during his time of service in the United States Army.

He has worked during the holiday's so others could spend time with their families, he brought battle buddies home to help them with uniforms, meals, pulling 24 duty for them and more. I would love an album to document his time in service in the army. My husband is also 7th generation military in his family.

Anonymous said...

My Military hero is my husband, USAF MSGT, Chris Zablocky. This year will complete his 22nd year in the Air Force. When we married 5 years ago he was a divorced father of 2 children whose mother abandoned them years before. He has served in a state away from any family support and did a wonderful job handling career and being a father. My husband will be deploying again in June to Afghanistan for his 2nd tour in 3 years. While he was away last time he emailed us every day to check in on how we were doing, to be involved in the kids’ (his 2 + my 2 =our 4) lives on a daily basis. My husband doesn’t talk a lot about what he has been through during these deployments but to deal with what they do on a daily basis in a war zone and to remember to ask the kids how “the big test” went, or to look comment on photos of my latest craft project. To just be connected to them and me daily is amazing to me. He is my hero, my love, my life.
I live on a military base and these Men and Women that serve and protect our freedoms are amazing. I once watched a military man stop traffic to remove a turtle from the road – I just thought that was awesome.

Proud Air Force wife.... Angie Zablocky

Cathy said...

My dad was in the Navy when I was a little girl, it was not at a time of war, so no great war stories to tell and he passed away when I turned 18..32 years ago, so i did not get to hear many stories. But I do love him and miss him very much, most of the photos I have of him around my home are of him at the barracks or on his ship, or some of the placques he acquired....He is and forever will be my hero.

Jamie said...

I'm sure mine won't be nearly as impressive or touching as most of these peoples hero story's... See I don't really know anyone in the service so my hero isn't current or anything but he's still a hero to me. My late Uncle Roger. He was in the Army during Vietnam. I don't know much about what he did there.. he never talked about it. But, I've seen the pictures of him in his uniform and event he entire album of all of the things from home he loved that he kept with him while in Vietnam.. to keep him from getting home sick. He came back and lived a normal life. And was even something like a "hippy" when he got done with the war. He was one of my favorite Uncles. He later went on to be a firefighter (so I guess he covers two of the areas lol). He saved many people's lives as a fire fighter. And there's a life of a new born baby that he wasn't able to save.. She was buried in the cemetery right down the road from where he lived (and the same cemetery he's now in) and the only flowers that were ever on her grave were the ones my uncle put there. He always made sure to put flowers on her grave. I'm not sure if he did it because he felt guilty he wasn't able to save her or if he did it because he thought she deserved flowers.. whatever the reason I always remember that and when I go to his grave to visit I always go and pay my respects to the little baby.. I wish I always had flowers to put on her grave but sometimes I just go to talk. He was my hero.. not because he fought in a war... not because he saved lives from fires... but because of the way he remembered the little girl he couldn't save.. and no one else remembered.


Janet said...

This would be sooooo awesome to win! I have been scrapping photos of my dad in WW11 and I would love to have this to finish the album and give it to my mom. My dad past away 30 years ago in June! She loved him so much she never remarried! Thank you for the chance!!

Katherine said...

My dad was in the Navy and just recently got to take the Flight of Honor for WWII Vets to Washington, DC. I would love to make him an album to help him remember that day. I do have to take this opportunity to mention my son-in-law who is career Army and say how very proud of him we are (even though he is getting ready to take my daughter and grandchildren away to Germany for the next three years).

Beads with Bling said...

My son has always wanted to be a soldier. Against our better judgement my husband and I signed him up for the Army (he was still 17 at the time), he graduated from high school a few weeks later. Right after graduation he left for basic training. He battled severe home sickness, heat and humidity. We didn't see him for 12 weeks. When he returned he was the man we knew he would become. Recently our son attended the funeral of a family member with us. At the cemetary there was a military ceremony going on close to us. When it was time to leave we found our son standing at attention, saluting the flag until the service ended. What more could a parent be proud of?

Anonymous said...

My hero is my mom, dad and stepdad. My mom is a police officer, my dad is a firefighter and my stepdad is in the Air Force. My stepmom too helps patients with cancer. I have missed Chrismas with my mom and dad due to their work and my stepdad goes for 6 months at a time to afghanistan. They have helped so many people though. If I won a albulm I would make my mom a book of memories for her birthday. My dad or stepdad something for fathers day.

God Bless those who serve so others can be safe.

Reagan Elizabeth Hogan


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