City Art Tray

Thursday, August 9, 2012

City Art Tray
Created by OMC Designer Lindsey

Supplies Used:
Natural Wood Tray
Martha Stewart : Acrylic Craft Paint - Beach Glass, Deep Sea, Wedding Cake
Mod Podge
Sizzix : eclips Cartridges - Greek Sassy Serif, Baby Shower, Max and Whiskers
Oh My Vinyl : Three 12" x 24" sheets in Any Color


1. Sand the tray if needed. Paint the sides, edges and bottom of the tray with the Wedding Cake paint. Distress the edges with a file for a more vintage feel.
2. Paint the inside of the tray with the Beach Glass paint (2 coats) and allow to dry completely.
3. Using the eclips cartridges, cut the names of the cities out of vinyl in the sizes you want. Make sure the words fit nicely within the tray before adhering the vinyl. Weed out the inside of the letters, leaving the squares of vinyl with the words inside to create a stencil. Attach the stencil pieces of the vinyl to the board using transfer tape.
TIP: A good way to make sure that all the words will fit is to cut them out in paper first. Make sure the sizing is correct, and then cut the words out of vinyl.
4. Once all the vinyl is in place, paint on top of the vinyl letter stencils with the Deep Sea paint (2 coats). Leave the paint to dry for 3 hours before removing the vinyl stencils.
5. Seal the tray with Mod Podge.

Happy crafting!


beadieQ said...

This is so cute! Both my girls would love something like this for their coffee table. If you wanted to use it for setting drinks on would it be better to seal it with polyurethane or would modpoge still be okay?

ohmycrafts said...

Because Mod Podge is water based, it wouldn't be recommended. The condensation from the glasses would take the finish off. Hope that helps!

NinaN said...

Love this tray! I'm going to have to try something like this!

Jessica S said...

This is truly wonderful. Love your paint color and fabulous collage design! Fantastic!
Jessica S

SQ said...

Just recently found the Oh My Crafts warehouse...found some cute, cute wooden designs and ideas to finish them. I love working with wooden blocks and shapes. Starting my Halloween blocks and sign tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I really like working with Mod Podge. This tray seems to be right up my alley due to its simplicity. I can't wait to get started. SUSBRO01


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